9 Brazilian Beachwear Brands to Follow on Instagram

Today is Friday, a day of joy, finde, has little party tonight and I’m even happier because we close our end of year trip: we go to Hawaii!!!!!!

I can’t even put into words the happiness to know that I’m going to spend new year’s at the beach and in the caloooooor! Soon bring more information about script, dates, etc.

That said, I have a little time that I’m thinking about how it’s going to be that bag and I confess I was a little off the subject swimwear. So, last week I rode this whole internet after legal references to the beach looks.

In these virtual wanderings had a nice surprise to find many brand new and very nice they are bringing personality and contemporaneity for swimwear brazilian. 100% Green and yellow marks, but they do a swimwear international face, made to shine in any white sand around the world.

Some more guys, other well accessible, but all full of personality. And, regardless of price, they can be sources of inspiration for your summer looks amazing (except it was always cool to see sets 100% brazilian, huh?). So, here are some of my favorites are worth the “follow” the Urges.

  1. @Lojatres

The Three modern swimwear is an adult and delightful to use. And they still are people of the fair trade, i.e., fair price and respect throughout the production chain.

  1. @Mocha. Br

The Mocha is elegance. Impeccable prints refer to the tropical climate, but pass away from ragtime. Chic.

  1. @Akasvetlana

The Sevtlana is young, bold, humorous. And is each beautiful to use as body swimsuit, sheer versatility.

  1. @Kiandco

Chic, modern, delicious and also has a line of children’s pieces that is too cute.

  1. @Amu Solar

Think of a mermaid. Because if she wore bikinis instead of shells was here she was going to spend the credit card.

  1. @ 9klor

Utterly modern, grown-up, confident. Perfect for secluded beaches or in the middle of the city.

  1. @Haight_Clothing

One of my favourite beachwear brands currently. In three words: minimalist, contemporary and chic (too much!).

  1. @Prints_Swimwear

Prints and fleeing the moulds completely obvious. Tie dye graphics and live in harmony with cutouts and strategic as far as necklines.

  1. @ _ Oh_K

The freshness and modernity that the Oh-K bring clothes and decoration are 100% translated in the beach line of the brand.

Ready, now runs to follow everybody and be inspired to pick up a beach weekend. Meanwhile, I’m still here on Instagram getting warmed up with little heat and counting the days to Hawaii.