A Custom Cover for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Since the arrival and popularization of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the market has seen another segment gain a lot of attention from consumers: the accessories for personalization of such devices, such as covers and movies. And there are plenty of options, since these items can be purchased in several stores in major urban centers and in various e-commerce sites spread over the internet.

However, how many of these alternatives offer the possibility to completely customize the covers for mobile phones, for example? Some have a number of cool options available, but what if you want something specific like a single photo or image? The Matecki Commerce, one of the many shops in the Brazilian market in the accessory segment for telephony, can offer this service.

The highlight of Matecki is exactly the category of custom covers, although it does have a large variety of other products. In addition to the exclusive options available, which will probably suit most users, the store also offers the possibility of customizing these accessories with the image you want according to WHEREVERSMARTPHONE.

However, despite the great availability of options and the possibility of customization, one detail that draws a lot of attention from consumers is another: Matecki argues that he can create special covers for any model of cell phone. That is: no matter if you have one of the unique editions of the NZNTouchPhone T5045-LP, e-commerce will probably deliver a custom accessory for you.

How To Do?

The steps to secure your custom cover are very simple. First, an order for this accessory must be made on the Matecki website. Once this is done, just send a message to the site containing the photo you want to print on the cover, and the order number that will be sent by email.

The file can be sent in various formats for image, such as JPG, PSD, CDR, TIFF, BMO, among others.However, the store recommends that, for clarity, the photo has at least 2 megapixels of resolution. It is worth mentioning that the images are printed in TPU (thermoplastic polymer) and can be edited or formatted in an assembly if this is the desire of the consumer.

The price of the personalized accessories (R $ 69,90+freight) is the same regardless of the model of your device and the image chosen. It takes eight days to be ready (beyond the deadline), Mateckie covers are produced and shipped from our country-that is, quality product and national origin.

Those who are interested can buy without fear, since the store has the E-bit Gold, placing it in the category “Great” according to consumers. Go to the Mateckie store, browse among one of the exclusive custom covers and, if you do not find one of your liking, order one with the photo you want.