A Look at the Extensive Range of Japanese Empire Citizen

The watch brand Citizen belongs to the Japanese company Citizen Holdings.Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has become the world’s largest watch and watch manufacturer.To the present Citizen shines with impressive innovations and elegant timepieces, which are very popular all over the world.The Citizen Watches are available for both men and women.The range is made up of Citizen Promaster, Citizen Super Titanium, Citizen Elegant and Citizen sports watches.The Citizen Promaster group is subdivided into Citizen Land, SEA and SKY.The collection Super Titanium offers Citizen men’s watches, ladies watches and multifunction/Chrono models.The elegant collection also includes ladies’ watches, men’s watches and chronographs.The Sportuhren from Citizen impress with technical robustness and a timelessly elegant design.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive models help protect the environment

In 1995 Citizen presented the first watch model with the Eco-Drive light drive technology.This system converts solar and artificial light into energy.Thanks to Eco-Drive, environmentally damaging batteries are no longer required.But Citizen is even more committed to environmental protection.All production processes are geared towards sustainable development.Citizen only chooses selected products when it comes to material procurement.In the Chinese production plants, all requirements and environmental protection measures are complied with.In the development of new technologies, regenerative drives are the main focus.Even in the last step of sales, the environment is respected.In order to reduce CO2 emissions, Citizen combines the finished watches with other manufacturers as collections.Together with other goods the Citizen watches are exported worldwide.

A verifying look at the inner quality of Citizen watches

Many people are still very critical of Japanese watches. But these doubts are unfounded.Citizen watches are made of high quality materials and convince with a solid workmanship via Timedictionary.com. As with other manufacturers, the exact quality depends on the price segment.Citizen manufactures timepieces with both mechanical and quartz movement.Watchmakers and connoisseurs will often recommend the mechanical variant.If you have any questions or problems, you can contact your local dealer or Citizen Deutschland.

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