A Mysterious HTC Is Seen in Images

Last August I showed them a new and mysterious, terminal HTC which has not appeared yet on the market, we don’t even know if it’s a device Android or Windows Phone 7, I already know that the Taiwanese plays with both equally.

In today are new images, you think that it is the same phone, from different perspectives to continue making it a mysterious terminal, and according to the quality of the shots, would not surprise me that the own HTC has released them to generate the interest of face to the next CES, or perhaps Mobile World Congress.

Very important will be the terminal presented at CES to draw attention, taking into account that there will be slim LG B, the powerful LG Optimus 2 X, or the anticipated Nexus S. Some media are already starting to call at the terminal of the images as Wick or Incredible HD.

Things we see: Chamber of 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and a screen presumably 4.3 inch as we were able to compare it with an iPhone 4. Things that we don’t see but they rumored: will be the first HTC handset with LTE connectivity.

Looking to the past, the aforementioned HTC Mecha was the American version of the HTC Desire HD We are analysing currently, but that the delay until 2011 to include new connectivity decision. By this detail could interpret that Android It is the operating system chosen for the.