A New Mobile Life with Samsung DeX

Always I take a brainstorming with my coworkers (sometimes in distant ideas, I admit) asking constantly what is needed for our smart phones to become innovative, even more valuable and easier for everyone to use. In August 2014, one of these brainstorming sessions became urgent to question: “A smart phone can actually replace a desktop?”. After a lively discussion, one of the engineers who were in the room gave me a piece of paper with a drawing.

A New Mobile Life with Samsung DeX

The idea suggested by him, we put a smart phone in a docking station connected to a monitor. In doing so, we could run all Android applications that monitor, as well as Windows applications, using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) * and the convenience of a keyboard and a mouse.

* Cloud-based Services that enable a virtualized operating system image to be used on PCs or smart phones.

The idea was great, but, unfortunately, we can’t do it in 2014 due to many obstacles that could not be easily traded, as the limited processing power of the device. However, we are still progressing, refining and working on prototypes, year after year, while we were looking for an opportunity to offer it to our users. The Galaxy S8 is the smart phone that has allowed us to present our three-year effort, performing a modest dream, born literally a piece of paper and a lively discussion.

We live in a world that constantly changes, where all content and information that we entertain and inspire us begin and end in our phones. We sail on the web, watch movies and play – all using a device small enough to fit in our pockets. Now, what if you could connect your smart phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and use it as a desktop?

Of course, you may have to turn on your desktop for gaming or more complex tasks, but the Samsung DeX adds a huge value by improving the mobile experience to the mobile workforce.

And to enhance the user experience, the Samsung DeX can connect to your home TV using an HDMI cable. The Infinite screen itself is already a wonderful technical achievement, but connected through the Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX allows you to watch a movie on your TV while also chat with friends by text messages or surf the web for browser from Samsung. Now, imagine those places you visit frequently, such as cafes, airports or lounges. With the Samsung DeX, all you need is your Galaxy S8 to continue your mobile experience so convenient and secure, whether surfing the Web, checking your emails or watching your favorite movies. You don’t have to worry about having to enter your password to log in or disclose any personal information on public computers.

It is with this idea that we present the values and vision of Samsung DeX.

Possible services with hardware and software working together

When creating the Samsung DeX focused enough on how hardware and software work together to provide a seamless user experience. Of course the search for excellence in software and services at Samsung Electronics, we understand the importance of creating opportunities and potentials using the hardware that our customers love and trust.

For example, the application processor (AP) of 10 nano used in Galaxy S8 has a performance level equivalent to that of PCs. In addition, the USB technology type C of Galaxy S8 allows transmission of video and images for faster display while maintaining high fidelity.

DeX Station product that complements the Samsung DeX, is ergonomically designed so that the Galaxy S8 create a completely different mobile experience. The high performance and innovation of Galaxy S8 allowed simplified desktop experience Samsung DeX. We will continue struggling to build and improve services for the Samsung DeX, taking full advantage of our strength in hardware and our new approach to software development.

Service that grows with partners and collaborators

I believe is behind the time in which one supplier could develop, distribute and operate innovative services alone. Create partnerships and collaborations for mutual benefit is the key to success in today’s hypercompetitive market, which changes rapidly. The Samsung DeX incorporates this same principle.

Our partnerships with Microsoft and Hancom bring the best user experience for the Samsung DeX and the applications with which our customers are familiar with. Known, among many other products, by Photoshop, Adobe is our launch partner, as well as Citrix, VMware, and Amazon, which provide the services VDI. We maximize the key features and capabilities of the Android and created the user experience optimized for Samsung Android-based DeX 7.0. In addition, the attachment does not require developers to do something specific to applications are compatible. Any applications built as indicated by the Android Developer’s Guide 7.0 can run in the Samsung DeX, providing a desktop experience to users. We have a website dedicated to developers, we invite you to visit, share, and collaborate with us.

Vision services-Overcoming the limits of Smartphones

All our latest service offerings, including Bixby **, the Samsung DeX and the Samsung Connect, share the same concept, to overcome the existing limits with smart phones. When our complete overview for the Bixby ** are performed, I believe he will overcome the limits of the interfaces that are based on touch, with intuitive voice enhanced interactions by Artificial Intelligence.

The Samsung DeX reveals a new world, which frees our users from the confines of a small screen. It provides the option to view and enjoy content on a larger projection, as well as interact with others in a more convenient, with keyboard and mouse. In other words, the Samsung DeX broadens the way users interact with their devices by enabling an entirely new mobile experience.

With the Samsung Connect, our users can control and monitor apparatus and digital devices throughout the House. All our services are designed and developed on the basis of the principle of expansion and rupture.

Let’s imagine, for a moment, what the future holds. At home, your favorite movie on big screen TV from the smart phone connected to Samsung DeX, you could say to the Bixby **: “it’s too hot in here”. Intelligently, the attachment would understand that you want to turn on the air conditioning with the help from Samsung Connect. What we propose here on Samsung’s intelligent life, centered on your smart phone. Once the dream of Samsung DeX is now fully realized. I firmly believe that we are approaching the limit of a new mobile border much earlier than we thought.