A Safety Camera Suitable for Home or Work

Choosing a security camera can be tricky when you do not know exactly what you are looking for.Some models in the market offer infrared, Wi-Fi and zoom, but you need to analyze points such as resolution and sensor format to decide which device is the most appropriate and offers the most cost-effective.

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Check out the tips to help you choose the best security camera for each situation and enjoy preparing your home or place of work with quality equipment.

  1. Technology and format of the image sensor

There are two sensor technologies in the market for security cameras: CMOS and CCD (Charge Coupled Device).CMOS generates noise in low-light environments, as the CCD is sharper, more color-coded and has a higher sensitivity, which eliminates the need for a lot of light in the room, reducing the presence of noise according to BESTITUDE.COM.

The sensor format implies the recording angle of the image.The 1/3 format, for example, captures at 68 °, generating a higher angle of the scene.While 1/4 picks up an angle of less than 54 °.

1/4 format cameras tend to be more affordable.

  1. Resolution

Give preference to superior resolution quality cameras.The higher the number of lines, the better the quality.In the market it is common to find cameras of 380, 420 and 480 lines.Above 500 only professional cameras are found.

  1. Environment

Choose your security camera according to the environment you want to register.Pan-tilt camera models, for example, are better for outdoor environments, while dome cameras are known for indoor environments.

  1. Color

In a dimly lit environment or in night scenes no camera will shoot color.As for color, there are three types of cameras.

– Black and White: only generates image in this color scale;

– Color: during the day generates color images and the night black and white;

– Day / Nigth: During the day you generate color images and during the night it produces a black and white image with a higher quality than the color.The price of this model is usually higher.

  1. Forms of registration

Some cameras offer recording software that saves about 30 to 45 days on an HD.Different models also have Wi-Fi, which sends the images straight to the cloud, with memory card slot.

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Camera Models

– Infrared

It is the most sought-after type of camera for low-light environments, as they are capable of illuminating an area of ​​15 to 30 meters, offering higher image quality than other models.The category can be found from $ 39.90.

– Dome

Dome cameras are used both internally and externally.The color image quality is high and you can find vandal proof models, for example.Some products are available starting at $ 50.

– Pro box

Pro box cameras are known for high quality video and are perfect for trades.Usually the models are day / night, with lenses that can be changed based on the viewing angle.Some are found starting at $ 150.

– Pan tilt with zoom

Pan tilt has the ability to move up, down or to the side, in addition to having zoom.The user can, for example, enlarge a face even from a distance.Usually used in airports or large stores.

The price accompanies the quality: a Pan Tilt camera is much more expensive than the models already mentioned, not coming out for less than $ 170.

– Hidden

This model should be the one that offers the highest degree of surveillance, especially if the user does not want anyone to know that the camera is in a certain place.The disadvantage is that they are not equipped with infrared, limiting performance in poorly lit environment.Some models can be found for from $ 100.