About The 70s, a Pair of Pants and Two Looks

Yes since it began this wave of 70s, I started realizing that, practically all my jeans are skinny. Then, when I ran into this while touring pants unpretentiously by H & M, a hurricane Travolta/Saturday night sparked within me.

Brought it home and I’m in love ever since. So, taking advantage of the today’s theme here was 70s, decided to show, not 1, but 2 looks with the queer.

The coolest? The looks are exactly the same, except for the third piece. Calm that I show.

Look 1:

The idea here was elegance 70s. A chic look, that we could use to go to a lunch more important, or even for a eventinho at the end of the day, I arranged the pants, with my favorite swimsuit (you’ve seen here) and maxi blazer (from our week of white blazer).

The exact swimsuit with bra-tions was the perfect complement to the pants, leaving the look a lot more feminine. But it was the blazer (in this case, our third piece) that stamped all the elegance of the look.

Look 2:

The idea here was to bring a major weirdness boho history. I kept the pants and the bathing suit and simply replace the blazer for a jacket embroidery, almost a tunic top open in front.

The details with little hand-made touch much more rustic got the pro look without having to change a thing.

Then, after all this, you discover that your Idol greatest this fashion world just acquired the same jacket that you. And you leave the House hopping with joy because, right? Buy anything like the Leandra ‘s honor.

That’s it, guys! The pants Travolta has already won two uses right beautiful and completely different. Imagine what she still won’t render.