Achadões of the Week: Special Jackets

Let’s start the post apologizing for my disappearance over the weekend and yesterday.

As I said in the post on Friday, the husband was and I went and spent the weekend there in Yosemite Park (near here in San Fran). The weekend was xuxu, wonderful, too beautiful and I’m in love with the place, poréeeeem, internet access is a rare thing to see there.

For this reason, and only by this, the blog was stopped during these three days. Yesterday was a holiday here in the US (Memorial Day) and we took to be another noon-ish there (hence the absence on Monday). We returned yesterday in the late afternoon, but I confess I was equal to the Juliana: passed out from exhaustion and without physical or psychological conditions of posting.

Maaaaas the good news is I’m back! Full of fresh air in the lungs and a lot of energy to start the week. And, following the newest tradition of UASZ, we started work on the Achadões of the week.

How do I know that it’s getting cold out there (and here the wind never stops blowing), today the Achadões is dedicated to coats! So, you’re getting ready for winter (or already is feeling the chill of the end of the day hit), or live somewhere warm but is planning a vacation in a fresh place, here some options that I liked well.

I love bomber jackets. First because they are super comfortable, second because they have this footprint means I love sports put in looks and third because you can find bombers in a huge variety of prints (i.e. will have one somewhere that will be to your face). I especially liked this, this and this, all of the Romwe (and Yes, they deliver in Brazil).

Speaking of warm comfort, something more comfortable than these dresses-Sweatshirt AMP? Just play over a half thick and the charming winter ready look. I liked this and this (which has more price comrade).

Is there anything better than a good tricôzinho? I loved this with panda design of FashFinds. Perfect to give that touch of humor in a more serinho look with slacks or black pencil skirt.

This coat of Marisa with hearts print is a little warmer and has this romantic modern super charming. Oh! and has with blue background (in the photo) and black also.

Renner has a selection of cool jackets. I selected two that I really enjoyed. The first is this maxi Cardigan, with 70s face, super charming and with great price.

The second is that especially super warm and with a solid young on the collar that resembles the perfecto jacket. By Marisa R$229,00.

It’s all very warm and your town doesn’t have láaaaaa this cold? All right, you can get in the mood of winter with a Cardigan like this from WalkTrendy, all furadinho, very light, but still with the station.

Ready! Coats for every taste and for every winter.

Oh! And later got post over the weekend there in Yosemite. But, if you’re curious, you can look at the cover that I made there on Instagram @mourajo.