Adele Mountain Sports Fashion from the Allgäu Mountain Magic

Adele Mountain magic is a small but fine Outdoorlabel headquartered in the beautiful Allgäu region. Here, the chef creates yet even hand, and tailors most of the clothes itself in its manufacture. Has learned Holger Riedisser his craft of the now 90-year Adele. With Holger could not even thread a sewing machine at the beginning. A few years later he produces around 15 to 20 pieces of clothing in a week, and his collection is growing steadily.

The suitable material for his outdoor clothing Holger has found relatively quickly. In Switzerland there is a manufacturer that produces exclusively functional materials . With one and a half hours drive, he was there quite quickly and could get the perfect material for its function sweater. This ensures him a fair production, an enormous quality and best features. The fabrics are breathable, quick-drying, and odor-resistant. By using a special surface they are dismissive water and dirt also.

The hoodies and jackets are suitable for many purposes. The hoodies are optimal as to take second layer for skiing in the winter. While climbing, the elasticity is very pleasant. While biking, long arms and the dirt repellent surface are unbeatable. The collection of Adele Mountain magic is suitable not only as pure functional clothing, also in everyday life, she cuts a fine figure thanks to modern graphics and cuts.

To convince me even by his fine hand work , Holger sent to one of his function sweater me. Leopold comes with a rich blue/purple colour and cool logo print on chest. The cut is athletic (L fits my slim 1, 90 m perfectly), simply, with extra long sleeves and simple hood construction without cords. The material is quite thin but firm, elastic, and feels very comfortable on the skin. Overall, the Hoodie is very clean and robust impression. In short, delivered an absolutely compelling work the Holger because.

You can track by the way how does so a function sweaters at Holger’s Studio, in a very impressive time lapse recording . This gives “Leopold” then it is a unique and exclusive touch if you know who, where and how his piece of clothing was produced.

The complete collection of Adele Mountain magic can be found in the online shop at adele There are current posts around the small Outdoorlabel in the own Adele Mountain magic blog.