Airplane RC Flight Simulator is an Aircraft Simulator for Android

Airplane RC Flight Simulator is a free game for Android that puts the player to control small airplane model airplanes.With controls on the sides of the screen, you have to coordinate the power of the toy on the left side, while buttons in the opposite direction allow you to steer the direction of the flight and shoot.Download free Airplane RC Flight to tackle varied, fun and increasingly difficult missions!

Our opinion

Airplane RC Flight Simulator is a game with colorful and colorful scenarios that has a simple and efficient gameplay to present a fun and progressively more challenging mechanic to the player.

Structured by great three-dimensional models, the simulator has a series of animations to explain the context of each chapter, while a series of sound effects make the gaming experience more exciting.

Although Airplane RC Flight Simulator does not support Portuguese, the player faces initial missions that explain the dynamics of the main controls and then release larger stages with more complex goals.

The game also features model airplanes to unlock and more than 40 different missions, ranging from combats against birds or balloons to races with aerial acrobatics.

However, the free version of Airplane RC Flight Simulator has the interface heavily polluted by ads and may present advertisements that overlaps on the screen during games or promotional videos that can not be closed.


  • Visual and fun sounds
  • Simple and intuitive commands
  • Thoughtful dynamics
  • It has three airplanes to unlock


  • Does not support Portuguese
  • Shows many invasive ads