Alcatel OneTouch Smart Watches

You will not believe how happy I was when I received an SMS from the Czech Post, which stated that took a package that delivers me tomorrow. It is no wonder. The first time I wanted to order two months ago. What am I actually talking about?About watch from Alcatel Alcatel OneTouch Watch.

The official release date in the Czech Republic was established at the beginning of summer, ie in June. However, despite great interest in it it was almost possible to get a watch. At the beginning of July was only the white version of the stored watches for women. They are not designed specifically for women, but I wanted only black model. So I ordered this option and waited until the stock. Until I finally made it!

Price: It is the main workhorse

Watches prices range from CZK 2,990 to less than 4,000 CZK. I was lucky enough to watch bought at the lowest price mentioned. In addition to watches in black and white rubber strap version was also presented with a steel strap. But these are not yet available, and it is expected that the Czech Republic or not, which makes me personally very sorry.

Regarding the parameters watches have rounded IPS TFT color display sizes 1.22 “inches (resolution of 240 x 204 pixels), weighs only 60 grams and for attaching here serves butterfly clasp. The watch is water resistant, with a  certified IP67 (to still get). Linking and synchronization device takes place via Bluetooth smartwatches. Someone might delight the presence of NFC, although for us is its use remains minimal. Battery capacity, which is 210 mAh, the manufacturer promises up to five days without charge, at the minimum load. And the most interesting or the most important thing. The watch uses its own proprietary operating system, compatible with both Google Android and iOS (hooray!).

For Android devices there are plenty of alternatives, whether it is a sumptuous version of round watches Motorola’s Moto 360 , or even better, many called the king of smart watches, LG G Watch R . But we can not even despise watch Sony SmartWatch 3 and Asus ZenWatch . You’ll notice that I have not mentioned the whole “family” watches from Samsung.They work on your operating system, Tizen OS only for Samsung devices, so it will not count. Tim Cook and Apple has a little bit harder, which is my case. I have to admit that the power of brands that produce watches for iOS, I know. Perhaps only watch the Pebble, but they are also hard to come by here. And then there are the “best” watches for Apple, Apple Watch. We will not discuss whether they are good, bad, expensive, cheap, and so on. That’s why I did not write this article and certainly you do not even care. Let’s not say anything about Alcatel OneTouch Watch.

Design: Round classic modern style

I commend hilarious combination of metal and plastic. At first I was very worried, but to watch live look really good. Personally, I would only do minor frame style Moto 360. The length of the strap is easily adjusted. On the “back” side we find the diodes to measure heart rate. Surely I must mention style charging. Charging connector is relatively smartly at the end of the strap when after removing the cover you in a USB connector. This eliminates the need to have any cable (you get to watch a USB extension cable). I was skeptical about the visibility of the sun, but I must say that at the highest brightness (the ability to set three brightness modes) I saw in the sun quite well, and I wore sunglasses. Surely you’re wondering, how’s the flashlight. Over the whole duration of five days I never had, but it is true that I watch glows and vibrates every 10 minutes. I watch the longest lasted about two and a half days. But I believe that if I had so often looked at time (sometimes in vain) and my cell phone was so busy, it would last longer. I am pleased with the speed of charging. The manufacturer gives 90 minutes to full charge, which is documented. Within an hour I’m always charging a “full tank”.

Considering the price is a big surprise, how many sensors Alcatel watch planted. In addition to the sensor for measuring heart rate we have a gyroscope and accelerometer (for monitoring physical activity and compass). With these sensors also works another thing, namely, automatic switching of the display when you lift your hand. My percentage success rate is approximately 85%. Not always watch recognize that there is a time display. The last part that I wanted to dedicate it waterproof. I do not have such equipment, no experience, so despite the manufacturer’s guarantee my heart stopped when he watches first came into contact with water. Fear opadnul time and I now routinely wash my hands and I do not mind if the water gets up to watch. But I believed that Alcatel OneTouch Watch do more. That’s why I have the support of his girlfriend, saying: “Come and try it, you are under warranty,” I decided to watch’ll test in the bathroom. Shampoo, shower gel and direct the flow of water from the shower faucet. None of this watch (at least not yet, I hope) not hurt. Even the activities at the pool, but I was scared at times. Standard IP67 (resistant to water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 min) in this case works. I can say that they are really waterproof.

User interface: everything works as it should, and that is the main

The design of the user interface is a minor disappointment for me. I could imagine a much better and more dignified appearance. On the other hand, the menu is simple and instantly everyone understands it. For each application, you will immediately what it is for and how it operated. We have a weather application, activity, heart rate, running stopwatch player, compass, camera button on the cell phone, change type dial, search phone, vibration, Bluetooth, change brightness and color change environments. Have the name implies most applications, for what it is, so I will mention only a few.

Application: Do not expect miracles

Among the interesting features sure to include measurement of heart rate. Whether the watch is measured accurately or not I can not judge, it will not be as accurate as somewhere doctor. Unfortunately you can not measure heart rate different than the manual start function, so no measurement of pulse here during your activities.

Using the player can run music on your phone. Classic features such as attenuate / amplify the music, play the previous / next track is commonplace. This list features players end up, so maybe nepotěším users (like me, for example, me) who have a lot of phone directories / folders. Yes, unfortunately, you can only scroll through the currently running playlist, replacing the need to pull out your phone and change the list.

If you like taking pictures of themselves and surroundings, and if you ‘selfie’ shot is not enough, there is the possibility to trigger the camera in your mobile. It’s pretty easy. Mobil lay so that the camera took what you want and then just click on the watch to function trigger. I admit that this feature probably will not use and other phones that have a self-timer, also do not (understand that this feature only cellphone lay at rest the stand and press the button, not as in the case of the self-timer with insufficient time you have a little speed up to engage ever were). For someone but it may be important.

The latest application, which I will discuss is change the dial, you are able to choose between three styles. Classical pointer, then the second and last minimalist, which I use digital. Change the background done only in the phone.

Watches support notifications about incoming and missed calls, SMS, E-mails, notifications from Facebook, Messenger, Viber, and a couple of other applications. Personally, I hope to expand the number of supported applications. More of that can not yet.

Applications: without him even blow

To make full use of the watch, you need to first install the phone already mentioned application. Applications called Alcatel Move and you can find it for free on both Alcatel Move App Store and Alcatel Move Google Play .

In the main menu you’ll find your daily goals you’ve set. Whether it’s the number of steps, calories burned, distance or time walking / jogging or also a need for sleep. Timeline shows you what you were doing during the day and when you do it. In addition to setting the data concerning you (gender, height, weight, age, etc.) you can set daily goals and set the synchronization of data from the watch.

As the last category, there’s Watches Watch. It was here that sets all the functions and actions that carry watches. You can find the alarm settings, the aforementioned change wallpaper, app notifications and much more.

Conclusion: gorgeous and functional facilities for little money

In sum, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch watches are a great option for owners of Apple devices who wish to buy “smart watch” yet think it unnecessary to pay a huge amount for the Apple Watch. And owners of Android devices only complain about the selection of a relatively wide range. They are great as a fashion accessory, lasts on a single charge more than one day (to hit anything), notification operating as intended and watches are among the cheapest on the market (not counting the unknown brand on Ebay ). To enter the world of “wearables” Alcatel OneTouch certainly not step next.