All Denim Male, How to Use?

The trend all jeans already exploded there in the 70’s and it was fever bet on the piece in a look super authentic and beyond stylish. The trend has returned with everything and today the jeans appear repaginated and brings many varieties to play with combinations.

All Denim Male, How to Use?

Every man likes the jeans, after all, there is no more comfortable, practical piece that leaves the look more stripped.

So, if you want to invest in this trend as well, according to SoftwareLeverage, we separate some tips for you to base yourself and create an incredible look with all denim. Check it!

4 Ways To Wear All Male Denim

1-All Clear

One of the options is to bet on the lighter wash jeans, which leaves a cleaner and super light look. The tip is to complement with some colorful parts or accessories.

How to use: Choose a straight jeans with the bar folded and wash well clear.Combine with an oversized jeans shirt with approximate pants wash. Finalize the look with a hat and a brown shoe.

2-Color Game

Another super cool way to bet on the all-male denim trend is to choose jeans with totally opposite washes.

Tip of Use: Choose a straight jeans with very dark wash and match with an extra light wash jeans shirt. Complement the look with a social shoe or sapatênis tobacco.

3-With Jeans Vest

The jeans vest is a wild card piece that lifts any basic look. Not to mention that the piece is super practical and you can be ready in minutes.

How to use: Choose a skinny or straight jeans with a very dark wash, a long-sleeved black blouse with a print, a brown belt, and a soft black-and-white sneaker. Finalize the look with the jeans vest that can have details destroyed or frayed in the bar.

4-Jeans Jacket

The denim jacket works just like the vest. Do not have ideas for stylish looks?Then goes from denim jacket to a masculine denim look all.

Tip of Use: Choose an original indigo wash straight jeans and combine with an ultra-light wash jeans shirt to give contrast. Complete the look with a wash jeans jacket the same or slightly different than the pants and finish with a caramel sapatane.

The idea is to play with the washes giving a very cool contrast to the look all jeans. Another tip is to choose shoes or accessories of different colors to bring that colorful spot to the look. And by the way, you now have 4 super-stylish ways to bet on this trend.

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