All for Bathroom

n a simple, easy and creative way, it is possible to organize such an important but often broken room: the bathroom. Because it is a small space, it is more prone to accumulate mess. But with some items, you can solve this problem. Check out a selection of tips and products:

Laundry Basket

Such a simple accessory avoids most of the messes: scattered clothes. It can be used behind the door, beside the box or even under the sink. In the image, Brinox Alpha Basket, produced in stainless steel and with MDF wood cover, which guarantees a touch of sophistication to the environment

Pots For Bath And Hygiene Products

The use of pots facilitates the organization of used products daily, such as swabs, cotton, soap, paste and toothbrushes. It is possible to leave them exposed over the sink or arrange them all on a shelf or cabinet. In the image, Coza’s full line, produced in polypropylene and in several color options, to match the decoration of the environment.

Baskets And Hooks

Dryers, washers, shavers, etc. they usually take up a lot of space in drawers. Therefore, one option is to leave them exposed, but organized in baskets and hooks, so it is possible to have them always at hand. In the picture, Organizer Slim three-storey Loft, from Coza.Practical, accommodates various items.

Accurate Bet: Organizers And Trays

To keep everything organized, the ideal is to separate everything by categories: cosmetics, makeup, towels, toiletries and cleaning products in the closet. Organizers, baskets (once again) and trays are great options in addition to organizing the bathrooms, decorating them and making them look more beautiful. In the image, line Loft, of Coza, containing different utensils organizers, like baskets with and without straps, stackable and with different sizes.