Alternative Bluetooth. Sennheiser Urbanite XL

For taste colors, as well as pockets. This time we look at alternative headphones Sennheiser Bluetooth with a similar price but design and different way. Less than € 280 can find the XL Urbanite, he is another good pair of brand but offers less price if you use that we link. Like the Momentum these came out without being wireless but this version is now available without cables, and is that both came out almost at the same time.

Best price found: €229

Although surely they shot is a little toe to get them at the same time, the Urbanite end up being some winners so if it’s outside and inside the same house competition. The truth is that this model does many things well at a decent price on computerannals.

When you put them next to each other, the Urbanite XL does not resemble at all the Momentum, but they share Premium feature. For example, also used for Bluetooth 4.0 the aptX codec and also fold for can be stored easily, thanks Sennheiser. Headphones as they also have a couple of features that separate it from his cousins.

The Urbanite XL were manufactured by thinking about durability. They are really flexible to the point that you don’t have to worry about throwing them in the bag when you go travel or have hurry. The brand is really confident that this couple do not bend or break that does not even include a cover hard, only a kind of bag, as if they were a glasses almost.

They only come in black and an adjustable “Tiara” covered in the texture of the clothing which gives very good feeling. On the right side of the ear you have controls that are intuitive to move songs or raise and lower the volume without problems. As you can expect also has other controls so you can leave your mobile phone or device in your pocket and not have it that pulled out.

The battery should last 24 hours although this time that both have not been tested. Like the previous model of headphones Sennheiser, they have the option of using cable if you see that they are energy to operate. The sound is accurate but we have noticed that somewhat are more “fun” to hear. By this we mean that some aspects of the audio will be most ornate to say it somehow, but in a good way.

Yet there are to say it probably does not want these helmets Sennheiser if you do mixes in the Studio or you are a professional. Watch this analysis if you want something as well, but for the rest of us it’s a good pair to listen casually. They have no doubt won space to this list.