Android Photographers Retouch More and Share Less [Infographic]

Each day there are more and better smartphones on the market, and cameras that you have improve by leaps. This is something you take viewing a while on the street. And is already almost as many mobile photographers see themselves as using compact cameras.

But among all these users, there are large differences in the use that is given to applications of photography between the main platforms Android and iOS. And is that apparently, the Apple mobile platform users are more likely to share images, while the Android like most retouching. Or that is what it says this infographic from CatchFree.

As we see, there are two trends. The first is that iOS users, as I said, share a higher percentage of photographs, while Android they retouched more than IOS, Although not shared so much. Perhaps this is due to the existence of networks as instangram, having so successfully on iOS. The second tendency is to say that the tablet users share more pictures than the smartphones.

And you? Do you feel identified with these trends? I personally not much. Theme apart is whether mobile photography move or no to cameras compact, and more now when there is already in the market terminals with cameras that have not much to envy to a compact media. Do you think that it will end up doing? Time to time.