Anticipation on the Htc Hd2

How does 2010 look?
Sven had it at this point ever touched and I was not really convinced of Windows Mobile 6.5-I had a beta of Windows Mobile 6.5 on my old HTC Diamond 2 and it had actually been written off only in version 7, I wanted to To look at it. Until-yes until the HTC HD2 came down. The data was correct and Windows Mobile 6.5 could not really scare me, so I ordered it as a test device from Cyberport (At this point again a heartfelt thanks to Sven for the dozens of test wishes, which Sven in the last months for us quite patiently Has never been too big, too faraway or too expensive. Thanks Sven!). The delivery date for the HTC HD2 always wobbled around the Christmas season, so I had already looked forward to a nice toy under the Christmas tree ähhh at the desk. But unhappy comes often, on the Friday evening came a mail from Cyberport and on Saturday the DHL-deliverer was already in my door and could give me my personal Nikolausgeschenk.
The anticipation was given, so quickly unpacked and then there was only a big WOW! And you can know more on Allcitycodes.

The 1 GHz Snapdragon processor drives the OS and the HTC TouchFlo-3D surface so fast from, there is hardly any wishes left open. The “little” of the 4.3-inch-wide display I will not even mention. The HD2 is definitely the hottest Windows mobile device that I’ve been working on in recent years. The display size, the display itself, the form factor, the HTC Sense surface, everything just wow! This is really a blast product and I will take the next few weeks before Christmas, the time to enjoy the smartphone. HTC itself had already shown with the HTC Hero, that they are willing to produce high-quality products. And they followed this course consistently.

And even if for me personally a Windows smartphone is no longer necessarily on the priorities list, I am pleased about every product which stands for the claim to be a “quasi-iPhone killer”. Because with every ever better product increases the pressure on Apple an ever better product. Because a resolution of 320 x480 pixels is definitely not more vogue and also in other trifles, where Apple was still in the summer with the competition, it is apparent that the iPhone has fallen back.

I’m curious how the other smartphone producers such as Nokia, Palm and RIM respond to the campaign from Tawain. 2010 will be an exciting year in this regard. If you can help Nokia get the helm and go back to success, Windows 7 Mobile can convince you, what does Google do with Android, how is it with Motorola and above all, what makes Palm? Or. What is done with Palm? Here and there are rumors our site/2009/09/23/rumor-palm-looking-to-cash-in-nokia-might-strike/ popped up that Nokia would like to incorporate Palm and Jon Rubinstein-the palm boss-to the cell phone responsible of Nokia wants.

Questions about questions and predictions I would not really like, because here are almost all possibilities open and given. Who would have thought that the Californians would mix the then relatively dull smartphone market so?