Apple Gets a Patent on a Smartwatch They Call iTime

It’s the fashion device: a lot of the big industry seem very interested in smart watches, and Apple is no exception. For months we have been talking about the theorist iWatch of Cupertino, and a patent confirms the rumors of its appearance.

This is patent 8.8787.006 granted by the United States Patent Office, which Apple did in fact try to register in July 2011 and which three years later is given the go-ahead. Among the curiosities is the name of the device:Apple used the name ‘iTime’.

The patent does not give commercial information about the product, but it does serve to know the characteristics that Apple thought three years ago for a device of this type. In Cupertino they talk about an electronic braceletwith a mobile device that curiously could be attached to that bracelet if the user wanted it. Therefore, we would be talking about bracelets as receptacles in this case according to sciencedict.

The patent also refers to gesture control and elements such as the gyroscope or accelerometer, as well as the key section: the possibility of ” exchanging information ” between the smart clock and the user’s phone, which would, for example, control the reception of SMS or multimedia playback.

Patents are by no means a definite confirmation of the launch of commercial products, and in fact the iTime brand is not registered by Apple (the domain belongs to Network Solutions at the moment), but all these data contribute more elements of value than they seem Point to the launch of an Apple proposal in this market.