Apple Gets New Patent for iPhone

Apple Receives Patent on Facial Recognition

Who can call his own an iPhone 5S, knows that he can unlock it by fingerprint. Now Apple has the patent on something new: The California smartphone maker received a new patent, which allows you to control devices such as smartphones via facial recognition and unlock.

it takes no more PIN or thumb to unlock an Apple iPhone soon? Apple has a new patent, with its technology can simplify the process of registration and deregistration for many devices and applications enormously. One need then that no PIN or password, the device unlocks at the “sight” of the owner via facial recognition. So just look at the phone and you can make calls? So similar. With the new technology the device camera of Apple smartphones detects the person, and then compares the image with a previously stored Foto.Eingereicht Apple has this technology in 2008 with the US Patent Office. In the method of simplified unlock various unique biometric data of the user to be recorded – for example, the size and shape of the face or the texture of the skin and its color. The procedure has the advantage that it can authorize a plurality of users for the use of a device. In practice, this might look like this: The Apple cell phone rings. However, before you can withdraw, the unit only by a face balancing sure you are also authorized to answer the call. If you do not, you can not go off. Nowadays, many smartphones have a similar technique. However, the Apple patent goes a little further, because it is also aimed at other devices such as PCs besides smartphones. It therefore needs no longer wiggle the mouse to deactivate the screen saver. Use of the patent, it would no longer need to interact with a device manually to use it – a view would be enough already. We’ll see if it provides this technology in new Apple iPhone 6 that next year is to come out in the fall.