Apple Plans to Launch Sleep Monitoring App for Its Watch

During the launch event of the Apple Watch Series 2 , the American company highlighted its functions aimed at users who intend to use it as an aid to the practice of sports. For this, it has several sensors such as barometer and GPS that can help calculate the amount of calories burned, for example. Now, although it does not have several essential functions for the “fitness world,” Apple seems to be trying to fill the gaps and implement novelties.

According to a report released by Bloomberg, Apple is planning on several new applications for its smart watch, being one of the main one for the purpose of studying the user’s sleep .However, soon the first questions about this application began to appear.That’s because although Apple Watch hardware already supports such functions, there is still the battery problem.Many of the company’s smartwatch users recharge their units overnight, which would complicate their use for another purpose.

Another application that can reach Apple Watch at some point is one that interprets user health based on heart rate data.The smart clock can already identify the rate of beats, but still does not interpret this information.With this, this new application can help the user to know when it’s time to pay a visit to their doctor, for example.

Bloomberg also says introducing user-focused health care is one of Apple’s biggest goals. Getting HealthKit a diagnostic tool would be great not only for the company but also for the users.Because this kit manages to collect data from Apple Watch and other devices, it is also said that it could be used for sharing patient-physician data.

Unfortunately, it is not known when any of these applications should reach Apple Watch, but more information should be released in the coming months. As always, Apple has not commented on this report and all that’s left is to wait.