Apple Should Retire the iPad Mini

In 2012, Apple introduced to the world a new bet to dominate the tablet market: the iPad mini, a small-sized version of its powerful tablet. Over the next three years, the gadget has gained new versions and has consolidated as a good option for anyone looking for a smaller and cheaper laptop than the traditional iPad.

Now, though, it seems time to say goodbye to the mini. That’s because some rumors indicate that Apple should retire the mini very soon. Quoting internal sources from the company, the BGR website brought the news on Tuesday(16), ensuring that the big reason for this decision would be the protection of other products of the company, especially the iPhone Plus in

IPad mini should be discontinued to avoid competition with iPhone Plus

When the 7.9-inch iPad was released, Apple had not yet put on its shelves its premium version of the 5.5-inch iPhone and, well, might well mitigate any need for a tablet for most people . And it is worth remembering also that the iPhone brings some basic features that the iPad does not have, after all it is a cell phone.

In addition, the Apple people who brought the information on condition of anonymity to the BGR also guarantee that sales of the iPad mini are not big things there, which contributes heavily to the company’s plans to retire its 7.9-inch . Despite this, it is unclear whether Apple should suspend sales of the gadget or whether it will remain on the shelves, but without any plan for new releases.

WWDC 2017

Rumors point to Apple retiring a gadget, but news in the product line should be officially announced soon. It is worth remembering that the Apple annual conference for developers happens this year between June 5 and 9. Keep an eye on Tecmundo to keep up with all the news.