Apple Smart Watch

WATCH Apple’s best-selling product in the category by which users does not cost much.

Expected to become a reality. Apple dominated and sales of smart watches where his WATCH account for over 50% of sales. And this despite the fact that they are not cheap and probably the best models on the market, and it also came much later than expected. Generally it is expected that Apple will kick off the era of smart watches. It definitely happened, and Apple came on the market with its model or years after the first model, many other manufacturers. Also offered nothing functionally better. His main theme has become quite wide variability in appearance and design, in which you have WATCH, which most other manufacturers nearly as much offer. Moreover, in combination with a strong marketing and largely undeserved but simply the real strength and reputation of the brand and logo of Apple, he seized the largest sales.

Apple itself but about Watch does not talk much, and their sales continue to disclose and publish from the beginning he did not want. Indeed it is not much to brag about, and Apple did not want more bad news for shareholders, who have a longer time haunted by Apple reached the top, and now can only stagnate or even fall (and tablets now he must fall). But Apple is far from alone who speak about smart sports watch at animalerts.

This platform was to become the successor to the smart phones, a new “must have” platform and products, which should start next shopping spree users. Although the current generation of smart watches offers a truly beautiful and very functional, high-quality models, constantly alludes to the fact that the battery lasts many of these devices and thus unable to watch really work either as a classic watch. At least not for very long. In addition, there is the problem that actually duplicate some functions of a mobile phone, which in addition to them, basically you have to have to have meaning and functionality. In short, users do not even know what they would have been smart watches. In combination with the high price of questionable overall functionality and overall benefit, then it is not surprising that total sales of smart watches are in the order of several million units for the full quarter together. So utterly meaningless number in addition to sales of smart phones or tablets. Apple, which in this market currently sells the most units sold by their own signs likely to be around 6 million units in the last 10 months when its WATCH market. It really is not a lot, given that roughly as many were sold iPhone 6S for the first few days of sales.

Currently, there are no indications yet that the users of the platform of smart watches should start somehow more interest and no plans of manufacturers do not seem to be any significant interest in trying to improve. The actual watch will likely continue to be developed and improved, but before he can come up with some that will last much longer on batteries and thus offer some interesting functionality. And it can still meet a number of years. Conversely, thus enjoying greater attention, “stupid”, but also much cheaper, however, it is more effective for wearable electronics such as smart fitness bracelets.