Apple Watch: 8 Facts You Need to Know

Meet the new intelligent Apple clock.

Apple Watch: 8 Facts You Need to Know

After many rumors and speculation, Apple finally revealed the your Smart Watch today. And you know of a business? Worth the wait. He was cute and functional. I suspected that he would call iWatch, following the example of other brand name products. But the chosen name was simply Apple Watch. Check out the following 8 facts you need to know about it:

1 # Compatibility

The Apple Watch doesn’t work alone according to, he must always be connected to an iPhone to work. If you have a mobile phone with Android or Windows Phone, so you can forget it. And it is not enough to have any Apple model: it is only compatible with the iPhone 5:00 pm on.

2 # price

Still no exact date for it hit stores, it is known only that will be at the beginning of 2015. The price, however, has already been defined: starts at $350, some R $800 not to mention taxes. But as we all know, in Brazil the electronics come well inflated. Then he must go out for double that.

3 # Design

The rumors said that the Apple Watch would have a round screen, like the Motorola 360. They were wrong. Despite the rounded corners, the clock was square and remember the models from Sony or Samsung. The Apple Watch is not an example of beauty and elegance, but also not make ugly.

4 # Models

There are three versions available: the traditional, a sports sturdier and another 18-carat gold, named Watch Edition. There are two sizes for each. All have a sensor to measure heart rate and accelerometer. GPS? No, it uses the iPhone’s.
5 # voice commands

Siri will be present on the clock. You can dictate messages, ask about the weather, make appointments and so on. In addition, the Apple Watch will also work as a walkie talkie between owners of the appliance.

6 # Resistance

The Apple Watch will have a screen of Sapphire, the second toughest material of the Earth, which can only be scratched by a diamond. They didn’t say in the event if he is resistant to water, but it is suspected that Yes.

7 # Display

Just like the iPhone, Apple’s watch will have a display where you can put your favorite applications. Most of the time the screen goes black at rest. But when you make the move to check the time (you know, that classic twist on the wrist?) the display turns on automatically.

8 # Functionality

With touch screen, Apple Watch feels the pressure difference. Stronger or subtle touches, so will activate different commands. Another interesting detail is one of its side buttons. It helps you to interact with the clock without having to put your finger on it and cover the screen.