The other day when I posted a picture of Manu with the Ipad in hand I received a lot of requests with suggestions for her age group.


Of course, second son just developing faster and does everything that the oldest does! Manu knows to play memory with 8 pieces! But that’s because it plays along with Bruna and ends that can never play alone. She is more addicted to the Bruna. You know search applications, on, off, view photos, change of phase is a war to get the IPad from her hand. I try to be reasonable and leave a little a day.

Manu does your favorite apps and today I’m going to spend some for you. Remembering that is for more or less 1 year and a half up. I say more or less because each child has your time to develop. So we must always respect this time and not forcing anything. But I think 1 year and a half before the Ipad or Tablet is more to see funny films and musicals.

I chose some options that don’t have those annoying Windows that are jumping in the middle of the application to purchase the full version or other options. Almost all of these are free. But some you can buy the full version if you want.

-Fisher Price: The applications are free and amazing. Super colorful, and educational music. To the stage of Manu the coolest are the series “Laugh & Learn”. Are all in English but hardly makes a difference at this age because the attraction is click in figures, see the noise, motion and hear the songs.

The Favorites of Manu are: “Giggle Gang” Shapes & Colours “and” Lets Count Down Animals ”

– PumiLumi Touch Zoo : This application is great and fun. The child chooses an animal and he appears alone on the screen in any scenario. Depending on where it touches the animal he does something different. Come, come, drink water and even farts!

– Peekaboo Pets–Poopping Animals toy for kids HD – This was one of the first applications that installed and which to this day is a success here. Bruna loved and Manu also loves. He has a number of animals inside a House, you press the button and it pops up doing the respective your sound. The cool thing is that you can tap in the House as if you were calling the pet. You can also put the bird back in the doghouse. With this the child trains the movement of the fingers. It’s cute and colorful!

-Play Kids-animal sounds: You can choose between House, jungle and farm with its animals. Teaches in Portuguese the name of the animal and the sound he makes when the child plays on the screen. Also has a joke to speak the name of the animal and the child has to choose the right one. I love the visual programming; colorful, easy to locate the commands and educational.

PlayKids: I think every mother has this application? I think excellent although you have to sign in order to view the short films. The first car of the train has several child activities such as painting, folk, memory game, puzzle and the other wagons the short films of all the characters that kids like best as Monica, Pintadinha, Sung Word. … You can watch some short films for a while after downloading the application. And then they lock automatically. For anyone who wants to make movies without needing internet, is a great option to sign. If not, it’s a bargain for the games that are available free of charge.

Pou–Pou is a pet that you handle virtually. In fact the application itself is not so simple. But what Manu loves is to help take care of the pet. Bathe, clean the poop, play ball, giving medicine and also choose the types of food to feed him. I think a nice application to have as it will evolve as we play, there’s always something new. This is for moms to play along!

-Phone 4 Kids–All in One Activity Center–this application comes with many free activities and you can buy several other if you want. There’s plenty of choice for the little ones how to draw with your finger, phone, sounds and other jokes that they have fun alone!

And in the next post about applications will show the Favorites of the Bruna!