Apps Restaurants: 5 for Download Already

Are five apps to restaurants that promise to facilitate the choices of the day-to-day, as well as ensure that he listens to what you eat.

Apps for Restaurants

Free and available both for iOS as for Android, these apps for restaurants are the essential help to choose the next where you will experience new dishes.

Are perfect to find new options and different to what you are used to, in addition to allow you to know the opinion of people who also have already been there.

The ideal is to already start to download applications, and explore all the new spaces that still does not know.

Whether by area or by type of cuisine, you can always apply to research that is more convenient to meet that demand and what you feel like at the moment.



An app for restaurants incredible to discover the best sites around where you can enjoy a meal or where you can simply go for a drink with friends.

Here not only find photographs of the restaurants that interest you, as you can still see the menus and the opinions of other people that have already gone through the space.

Although it is only available for research in Lisbon and Porto, has a wide variety of restaurants that you can search by several criteria to find the closest to what you want: from the type of cuisine on the meal that you want to do, passing by the area of the city and of course for the price.


This app is a never-ending source for those looking for services. Although not restricted exclusively to the restaurants, these are one of the options that you can find here.

With Yelp you can start by defining the area that interest you and then specify what type of restaurant you want, as well as prices that you want.

After this not only presented a map so that you can easily meet at the chosen spot, as you can still see what there is in the restaurant, make the reservation immediately and consult the opinions of other people.


The Foodspotting goes further than most other apps of restaurants. Born in 2009, is not limited simply to get to know about the assessments that each person makes of the restaurants, as it provides the opportunity to post photos of each dish that is being experienced.

Here are not allowed to negative evaluations because the idea of the restaurant is simply to promote the pleasure of eating and connect people who deliciem with the dinners, the lunches, and any meals outside of the home. The goal, then, is to take a picture of the dish that you have tried and if you liked it, post it with comments like “Loved it!”.

So not only do we have support in choosing the space, how to avoid being disappointed with the choice that we make from the menu.


The major goal of Foursquare is to tailor search results to the personal preferences of each one. For this it is important that you give information about your tastes, as well as doing assessments of the sites that will experiencing.

These two situations are added to the evaluations of their close friends and that is how the app will suggest the spaces that go against what they like.


The extra of The Fork is the access to promotions not to miss in time to book a restaurant. But in addition to the exclusive promotions of this app for restaurants, has also a to accumulate points for every reservation that you will doing. Points that, of course, will eventually be able to redeem for discounts on reservations!

Aside from this awesome extra, still has a search engine that includes not only Portugal, but also countries such as France, Spain, Italy or Switzerland. It is only to decide where it is that you will walk and, of course, the kind of meal that you like to do!