Air Conditioner Split 9000 BTUs

Air conditioner 9000 BTU is the best option for your home or office

If you are considering purchasing an air conditioner, go ahead! After all, nothing like the well-being provided by an air-conditioned environment. Whether at work, during work, at home, for a quiet night ‘s sleep, a split air conditioning BTUs 9000 will change better- -For your routine.

The split is a model that has several benefits. Modern, economic and silent, it works with two parts: the evaporator installed inside the room, which is responsible for sucking the air space, cool it and return it cold to site and the capacitor, which leads to the external environment heat sucked through the evaporator and then condenses. This second part is the one that makes noise, and stay on the outside, insulate the room noise.

Air conditioning indications split 9000 BTUs

The BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the necessary power as the equipment needs to cool an environment. The calculation is based on the size of the area to be cooled. Therefore, a split air conditioner 9000 BTUs is ideal for residential rooms of up to 15m² and trade up to 12m. This difference exists because in commercial environments are people moving, the greater number of electronic devices connected at the same time and more lamps in place. You may be in doubt about the ideal power for your needs to make the calculation. Here you find the device that you need at the lowest price on the market!

Many of the split air conditioner models use the refrigerant R-410. One of the models is the split air conditioning reverse, which have a modern technology that can reduce up to 40% of your energy costs.

Evaluate the possibility to choose an air conditioner that has a hot / cold system. If in your area the winter is more rigorous, opt for a device with this feature can be a great value for money.

Installation and Maintenance

Select a location where the evaporator and condenser are next. As they are joined by tubes and wires, you save the materials required for installation and also in labor. Never place the air outlet on electronics, because you can drip water on them, damaging them. Each device you are installing should have a specific circuit breaker, avoiding overloading the power grid.

The care of cleaning and maintenance of split 9000 BTUs are the same as other types of devices. The filter requires special attention and should be cleaned once a week, if the environment has a high incidence of dust. If not, once a month is enough. As for the inside, call a technician to check once a year if everything is right.

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