Are Leather Jackets in Style

The raw look has long since been a staple of the fashion image, and it is not hard to find clothes in the right leather look.

The artificial materials have the advantage of being cheap. But they also have the drawback that your body is having a hard time breathing in art fabric. Therefore, the cheap purchase go and be a hot affair on the unpleasant way.

Are you looking for a new jacket, here are eight bid on jackets in real skins that you body can breathe in.

Yes, they cost, but thinking you you well on, and buy the perfect jacket for your taste, you’ll get a piece of outerwear, as you can use year after year, and the skin will just get even more beautiful as it gets patina.

And an expensive purchase that you use over and over again, can easily prove to be a better investment than a bargain – read about cost per wear here.


Blazer, up to size 52, 1.299 kr. Violeta

Simple Mango city, up to size 54, 1957.95 USD + shipping, HM

Navabi rivets, Leathercraft at up to size 54, 1999.95 DKK, Juna rose

Slanted zipper, up to size 50, 4290.90 USD + shipping, Evelin Brandt at

Colored Navabi

Rosa, up to size XL, 2229 KR.,

Green Zizzi, up to size 52, 1799 USD + shipping, Ellös Collection

Brown , up to size 52, 1799 USD + shipping, Ellös Collection

Gray, up to size 52, 2192.90 USD + shipping, Cabrini with Navabi

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide