Ask Manolo: Shoes to Black Suit?

Hi Manolo! I wonder what there is for rules regarding shoes to black costume. Is it just black that applies or is it possible to get away with any other color? The invitation says “dark suit or evening dress”, but I want to, in any way, to show that I am not 55 years and new-rich as most of the others will be at the event, do you have any tips on how to “work” to “dark suit” a bit? Thank you!


The general rule is to always wear black shoes to black costume. However, this can create some confusion when the color black is not entirely obvious in kostymsammanhang. Many tend to confuse just black with gray. The difference may seem subtle, but is nevertheless essential for the shoes that fit. A gray suit could fit at least as good for black to brown shoes.What matters is the color and the material.

The darker the color is, the sharper the contrast will be against brown shoes, which is something that should be avoided. Similarly, it is important to find a skofärg that keeps the same formal level as kostymtyget. Brown shoes ansens as slightly less formal than black companies and should therefore not be used in the strict dress codes, especially not in the evening. The same rules apply to suit cloths. Costumes in for example oborstad wool or flannel, which is characterized by a rough, matt surface, suitable for everyday use in front of festive occasions. Why create this type of sportingology Skotypen is also of utmost importance. For this connection, recommended a perfectly smooth model without brougemönster. Closed lacing is the most formal, although an open lacing should be regarded as perfectly acceptable to a dark suit. Skip models in extremely performance with huge lace or square toe in favor of classic and smooth models with round toe. Also avoid heavy rubber soles in favor for a neater leather sole.

Your second question is a little harder to answer. Without adding any rating in how “nouveau riche” looks and with the premise that there is a quite formal occasion, it is absolutely best tip to keep the dress code as simple as possible. There is no reason to call for people’s attention with bold colors and appearance. A successful evening dress means rather very subtle and thoughtful details. Instead of thinking too much colors and resolution, it is important to think through the silhouette and the fit. Select an appropriate shirt collar to lapels and a matching bow tie to it. White may be boring, but at the party, it’s an unbeatable skjortfärg. However, full black tie to instead bet on weak patterned in grey or dark blue color depending on kostymens. With a pair of stylish shoes you will get hard to fail.