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Leak: New Sony Smartphone Almost Frameless?

At the CES in Las Vegas Sony gave itself in terms of new developments rather modestly.According to various reports, the company is working on a big bang for the upcoming MWC in Barcelona, ​​which will take place in February. The rumored kitchen is bustling and shows already smart pictures of a smartphone that could belong to the future Xperia C family. Continue reading

What Are The Types Of Leather Jacket?

You can’t go through the winter without, at least, he contemplated buying a leather jacket. But what are the models available and one of these, which is the one you like? As investment in a play like that is not low we are providing here a guide so that you know what are the types of most common leather jacket and can choose something with your style. Continue reading

Trench Coat: A Masterpiece Of Thomas Burberry

In 1901, Thomas Burberry, founder of Burberry and inventor ofgabardine, presented to the army of the United Kingdom your official cover model, creation which used the fabric in beige by the English who, among other things, was lightweight, resistant and waterproof. With your utility recognized, the coat became optional item between the highest levels of the British armed forces that they acquired, even if you don’t have to. Shortly before, the only protection used by soldiers against the cold were the heavy wool coats or denim that somehow had the task, but offered some disadvantages when subjected to rain, after all, because they are not waterproof, became cold, impractical and even heavier. Continue reading

Fashion In The 1980s, Mirrored Glasses Come Back With Everything

Worth seeing again. Mainly through themirrored sunglasses. The model made the head of the youth 1980s. It seems that the trend will extend beyond the summer of 2013. Fashion magazines are stamping the mirror on the first cover even for winter fashion in Europe. Continue reading