Baby Clothes for the Snow

A baby outfit for days at high altitude, but also in the city, when it’s very cold and snowing.

The snow is beautiful. Especially at high altitudes, during a nice relaxing weekend, skiing and Wellness Center. But if you have a child and planning a trip in the mountains, put aside the relaxation and armed with energy, desire to roll in the snow with your baby and suitable clothing for your situation.

Here’s a cool outfit for a weekend in the mountains, but also for a day on the town a lot, but very cold:

  • White overalls, padded and waterproof: snow, mud and any other crap damper where you dip your child.A splash of color with the comforter of Timberland, padded like overalls, piping hot as the sweater, a bit Christmassy and a little fashion. And a traditional, white sweater and piping hot.
  • The set scarf, hat and mittens (if your child is so good to keep them worn for more than five minutes) with Tiger’s jaw.
  • For there is one set of winter stroller Stokke stuffed full.The set also has the knobs of fur to warm your hands while pushing the stroller: I think an idea is aesthetically beautiful, intelligent and practical. My choice fell on the viola, but you can find it in other colours.
  • And finally comfortable boots, scarf and hat colour technicians.