Baby Room Decoration

Drink on the way! And now? One must reserve a very good space in the house and the heart for it! As we know you love him and he already has space guaranteed in your heart, check out below baby room decorating tips, for when he arrives be welcomed and cuddled by family and home!

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Place of the house

First, you should know that the baby’s room should be near your room, of course, so in case any emergency is within easy reach.Look for thick rugs along the way, as it makes it easier for you or the baby to slip!It seems exaggerated to think so, but many people who rise at night, dizzy with sleep, fall.

In two-story homes, never leave the baby’s room on the floor where you do not sleep because it makes it hard to hear crying and it’s tiring to walk upstairs and downstairs to change baby’s diaper and stuff according to a2zwallstickers.

Room colors

Chose the location for the room, now let’s go to the colors of the room!The floor may preferably be a vinyl floor of light colors to give the room more peace and quiet, it may also be wood, but the vinyl is cheaper, easy to clean and even to place.

The walls of the room should be light and neutral colors, nothing too strong, but that does not mean it should be white, no!Choose colors such as purple, green, blue, pink and even red, all in pastels so they do not affect the baby.Did you know what colors influence the mood of babies?It is true!The stronger, the more alert the babies are, so in a place where they should relax that are their rooms, the colors should be very light.The same goes for the objects of decoration of baby room, bed and bath, at least until it reaches about 3 or 4 years.

Furniture to decorate the baby’s room

There are very vain mothers who fill their babies’ rooms with things to make them cozy.This is wrong to some extent, because everything in a room must be functional if the modern and practical is planned!So there are basic furniture for a baby’s room, but that goes for every person’s taste, of course.

In addition to the crib, the main room of a baby’s room, you should have a wardrobe to store the little things of the baby, well divided to organize clothes, shoes and other accessories.In addition, there may be a very comfortable armchair for Mommy to sit when breastfeeding, and may be right in front of the window for a more comfortable landscape and scenery.There may be a high table that will support Mom changing the baby’s diaper, close to items such as talc and diapers, all within reach.Invest in shelves to decorate the bedroom with baby room decorations.Instead of a wardrobe, to occupy less space, there may be a dresser, in which you can decorate with embellishments on the top.

Room lighting

In addition to colors, what also influences a baby’s sleep is local lighting, so leave it all in a hot mood to give sleep to it.Not too clear, not too dark.Opt for yellowish lights to give drowsiness, and in the windows invest in curtains or blinds to break the intense light of the sun in the morning or afternoon.

In the evening, so as not to scare the baby into total darkness, invest in lights that instead of turning off the switch, they only reduce their intensity through a manual throttle.Inquire at electricity stores.Lamps also work when well spread throughout the room.

Decorative objects

A baby room offers several options for decorative objects, from the walls to the floor!Starting at the ceiling, invest in a cool light fixture, it may have a custom shape, like a pet, or a little star, it’s pretty cute.There are also those neons ceiling stickers that glow in the dark, this distracts the child who is a beauty, besides being a cutie!

On the walls, you must be creative!Choose an attractive wallpaper with designs, flowers or other children’s and delicate formats, always in light tones, do not forget.Spread pictures of drawings and family photographs, or a frame with the baby’s name, or a photo mural in the shape of a triangle or square, etc.Wall stickers are very cheap and usually please many, and have the children’s line!Search for the best options and choose.On the shelves, there may be teddy bears, miniatures of toys, carts, dolls, among others.

On the floor of the room there may be a large and spacious carpet leaving under the crib and going to the middle of the room, it is very cozy!These rugs should be light-colored, always light colors, you do not want to scare the baby, no?

Reviewing some important points:

  • No intense colors in the baby’s room.
  • Not too dark, not too clear.
  • The room should be close to the parents’ room.
  • NEVER lock the door of the baby’s room, if the key disappears … You see, right?
  • Finally, LOVE YOUR BABY!

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