Back and Cap

I think nobody missed me by here last week. Okay, I understand. He’s cute, huh? I am very glad you had fun with the looks (and explanations) of the boy, but I confess I was yearning to open the closet and decide what to use.

You know I’m not a blogger too, but today I had Sunday as not showing up here to give the air of grace after this week of abstinence.

And, as is Sunday, I figured it was worth a look very yummy, super comfortable and without any complication. I started with a little black dress well basicão and held the fresh breeze with a jeans jacket well washed. Actually, I’m not much of denim jackets. I always think jeans is an uncomfortable fabric for jackets. Denim shirt, ok, because they come in those jeans more lighthearted. But the jackets always comes that heavier without stretch jeans or anything. I don’t know, maybe it’s trauma of child who grew up in the 80 ‘s jeans jacket  aristmarketing and feeling kind of Robocop each time the jacket came home from washing machine. But this recess calling him Jacques strap won me over. She is more larguinha and with a jeans a little bit lighter, so does not restrict the arm movements.

But then I found that it was up a little bit of relaxation in a look so basic. And nothing could be more relaxing than Sunday face a cap cute polka dots. No, it wasn’t Sun, but look how he raises the look to a whole other level of charm.

To keep everything balanced between dress and Cardigan, chose the white belt and the Bootie and black fringing. I thought it would be weird with all black and only the light coat…

And, to finish, I would like to give it up to me. It was a long way here. It was hard my trajectory. Many panda eyes emerged on the way. But today I reached the victorinus. Yes, I managed to do a make decent Kitty. Yeeeeey!