Bathing Suit Tricks Mom in the Summer!

The 2016 Summer is there: there’s still time to enter headlong into a fever of swimwear that always comes back, the Fool Mom.

The name is the same, as that appears to be hoax: Tricks Mom! The swimwear is always their fashions that come and go, and this unique piece is one of them, always see ups and downs. Now, in the summer 2016, enjoy to use the bathing suit Tricks Mom because he’s super high!

Features of Cheats Mom

The idea is always the same: to be a Fool Mom has to be one piece, but the front looks like a swimsuit, and behind, a bikini.

To get this effect, the bathing suit ends up having side cutouts ranging from the hips to the breast line, which stretches the silhouette. In fact, what may be the biggest benefit of the swimsuit for some women, to other can be the biggest downside, since it leaves the side of the belly, apparent and many women prefer to hide this part.

Another negative point pointed to by many women: very irregular mark left by the bathing suit, especially in the belly. As the clipping is in this area, only the central part of the stomach is protected from the Sun, but the back is with the same little mark left by the bathing suit … matter of taste, isn’t it? Many women don’t wear swimwear to have mark, but to enjoy a swimming pool or a few days of beach without abusing the Sun each have your profile and there are choices of bikinis and swimsuits that meet your needs, but the Tricks Mom’s a charm no one can disagree!

There are options of swimsuit bandeau, lateral anchorage in panties, and one of the biggest current trends: the crochet, handmade, well mixing various colors in a single piece. It’s a trend so strong that many women have worn with skirts, shorts and Bermuda, and as with the Body Fitness, use in your casual looks, taking advantage of the coolness of the swimsuit!

In fact, the tip is worth not only to Fool Mom, but also for the swimsuit or Body. Use and abuse of these parts in the looks of your day to day, enjoy the summer heat and chilled the streets not just because it’s fashionable, but because it’s pure comfort!