General lighting


In time to illuminate the bathrooms, think first in general lighting, this is the one that will fill the whole space light. Then plan the specific focus for the task execution, which will be applied in the areas of counter top, the box and even the toilet.

To calculate the amount of points of light and design the distribution by the bathroom, you need to consult an expert in the area so that he can evaluate some elements such as the environmental dimension and the reflection factor of the coating used on the ceiling, on the walls and on the floor.

Box lighting

The definition of the illumination of the area of the box, for your time, will depend on a lot of the habits of those who use the bathroom. You can use lamps with a lower color temperature (2,700 K) or even colorful focal lamps (following the method of Chromo therapy) to create a space conducive to relaxation.

On the other hand, if the tenant has the custom of shaving inside the box, he will need at least a focus with neutral color temperature (4,000 K). To resolve this impasse, a tip is to invest in a dimmer-controlled light, so you can adjust the light intensity according to the function to be performed.

Counter top lighting

If the bench serve as support to do makeup or shaving, you must plan also luminosities. For this type of task lighting, avoid placing a focal light in the ceiling in order to illuminate the area, because flares sent up and down creating shadows on the face and end up only by clearing the upper part of the face.
In this way, the most recommended is to install a front focus because it illuminates the face equally: work well the layout around the mirror (as in dressing rooms) or using wall sconces, with acrylic lid (to reduce glare), on the sides of the mirror.

Another way is to combine a lighting designed from top to bottom, yellowish, with a white front light, because this sum approaches the natural luminosity. But remember: always use bulbs with a good IRC so that the color of the makeup remains faithful.