Beach Bag: How to Choose, Models, and Where to Buy!

Are you packing your bags to enjoy the beach? So do not forget the beach bag, after all it is in it that you will organize the items to take to the beach and leave a more appropriate bag to enjoy and compose the look.

Beach Bag: How to Choose, Models, and Where to Buy!

And if you need tips on how to choose, where to buy, models and prices of bags, the post brings all to help you choose, after all the beach fashion is also in the accessories, and surely you do not want to sink your beach look with A bag that does not fit your style.

Tips on how to choose beach bag

  • Size: Forget the idea of ​​being compact in the beach / pool bag.You will need some good items like towel, change of clothes, protector, sunglasses, wallet, cell phone and some other items that can get in the bag.And the small size goes far from the amount of things the purse needs to take, so it’s best to opt for a medium to large size.
  • Color / material: The type of material and color also influence the choice of beach bag.For example, the leather pouch is not at all appropriate for this environment;Since it warms up too much, has the heaviest look and can even spoil it with so much sun.For those who go with the transparent plastic bags, the ideal is to hide cell phone and wallet between the pieces of clothing or towel not to draw much attention.

Where to buy? Tips for Brands and Online Stores


Fast fashions on TheDressExplorer are great options for finding good value beach bags.

The store, can be found in physical versions or online, which is a great convenience for those who do not want to leave the house.

Oh, and watch out for the station, because fast fashion usually swaps its collections at the exchange stations, so if you want to buy a beach bag at Renner, you better take advantage of this summer’s end.


Another fast fashion option that offers great value for money and that always brings beautiful models that are in high for the fashion beach collection, is the Riachuelo.

Among the options available on the site, there are single color versions of woven, striped, patterned, woven fabric;That is, it has a model for all tastes!


Even among the fast fashion options that offer cool products and great prices, Marisa also enters the list, and offers models in stores and online.

On the site you can find very nice models and very different styles of beach bag, and best of all is that prices are below $ 100.


For those who want practicality, you can bet on Dafiti e-commerce.The online store has numerous choices of well-diversified brands, including world-renowned fashion brands.

And with so much variety of models, there is also variety in prices, but you can always find options that fit in the pocket, and cheap models starting at $ 59.

Morena Rosa

One brand that has already gained prominence in the fashion world is Morena Rosa, who also brings beautiful models of beach bags and has the advantage of being able to buy over the internet.

The price is not the cheapest, but worth it for the models and beautiful designs!


The brand is nothing new, and we will combine it is every beautiful piece that we fall in love just to see!

Besides being found in several physical stores, there are still online stores that sell the brand, and this is great, because you can buy the beach bag without even leaving the sofa.

And if you have a model of Colcci beach bag that you can not go wrong in choosing is the handbag of fabric with writing, which is a charm!

Santa Lolla

Another brand that makes the eyes shine with models and trends always recent is the Santa Lolla.

And for those who are passionate about stripes, in their latest collection of beach bags the brand has brought a lot of style, including the pineapple print that continues as a tropical trend of summer fashion.

Carmen Steffens

Unfortunately the store has already changed its launch for the next seasons, so it has been harder to find beach bag models among Carmen Steffens’ collections.

But for those who do not give up a model of the brand, you can bet on a version of stripes in white and blue, reminiscent of the navy style.


Among the famous brands that destroy their collections and bring current trends, Arezzo is one of these options.And in the case of beach bag the brand does not follow another style, with each arrival of spring and summer, the brand launches new beautiful options of bags for the beach.

Among the options, a more tidy version for the beach is the Tressê model in red that has an incredible look and even value the beach look.

Beach Bag Pictures and Models

From straw

For those who are looking for a beach bag model that is wild for any style, the straw bag is the perfect choice.

Despite a variety of models and even colors, the bag brings a more natural look and combines with the beach environment, leaving the look to the environment.

De Crochê

A bet for the beach bag are the handmade versions, as is the case of the crochet bag.

It is possible to choose different models and styles of crochet bag, but the truth is that the crochet combines very well with the proposal.

And besides the bag made from manual labor, it’s worth even betting on a bikini or swimsuit .


Oh, and if you want to enjoy the idea and make your own crochet beach bag, we’ve separated tutorials and DIYs to help you with this task.

From Fabric

And for anyone who is in doubt on which model of beach bag to invest in, one of the tips is to choose a fabric bag that is versatile and easy to find.

And the great advantage of the fabric bag is the enormous variety of prints and colors of the fabrics, which allows you to find a pattern that is exactly as you have wished.


Another widely used option on the beaches are plastic models.This type of bag can be colorless or with a color that maintains transparency.

The advantage of the plastic beach bag is that it does not get wet and does not absorb water, leaving your items protected.However, the bag shows all your belongings.

De Silicone

With the same advantage as the non-wet plastic bag, the silicone bag also has this feature and still brings a modern look to the look.

The model that is new is a great option for those who do not give up the fashion world, and want a stylish and fashion handbag for the beach look.


If you follow the world of fashion and bloggers who dictate trends, you’ve surely seen the bags personalized with the name or initials of the owner of the item.And this is a trend of the world and the beach fashion!

Usually, the custom bag is straw, but nothing prevents it from being in another fabric, after all the idea is to have a unique bag!


Oh, and if you like this idea of ​​having a purse to call your own, and that makes it clear just by personalization, we separate some DIYs for you to customize that old bag and turn it into a fashionable part.


And in the fashion of the metallized, which appear with full force in the shoes, it is not uncommon to see other items, as is the case of the metalized beach bags.

Despite the brilliance, fashion allows everything and the highlighted tones are released, such as silver and gold for the day and the beach, after all are colors and trend style.


Slipping away from the idea that only beach bag is allowed, there is also the possibility of adopting a backpack as part of the look.

And for those who will bet on this look, the tip is to avoid the heavier models, and invest in printed backpacks, colored even in the crochet backpack, which brings the style of the craft work.

So, have you chosen your beach bag model yet? So, now just put the item in the bag and bet on a complete look for the beach.