Beauty Tips of Harley Viera-Newton.

Harley Viera Newton ‘s DJ, model, baby Dior and street style photographers and it’s got a really cool site about fashion and the like. It’s one of those girls that we must always observe, the kind that throws sets in a heartbeat, but if there’s one thing she never changes is your makeup. You know when you recognize from a distance because the person has a “signature” of her own?

Beauty Tips of Harley Viera-Newton.

This is Harley Viera Newton-describes himself as a “crazy cat lady”, therefore, is always of kitten liner and red lips because she believes that makeup goes with absolutely everything that today she feels naked If you leave the House with another make. Best of all is that Harley can do the make in 15 minutes and has a trick: always do the makeup before dressing because it’s done before, looks like she’s never dressed up enough to wear certain clothes.

To achieve this make-up, the DJ uses the pen delineadora of Stila–ensures that the dash is perfect without much effort–and the famous mascara Diorshow, honey lips Ruby Woo of the Mac. One thing that she gives a lot of importance in time to produce is for perfect skin: does not relieve the Smashbox Photo Finish primer to create a sort of barrier between the skin and the base, assaulting minus the face.

Use this type of makeup every day requires a special care with the skin, even hating take the maquigem before bed, Harley Viera Newton doesn’t let it go. For this, she uses a combination of the Neutrogena wipes, the Clarisonic and cream Biologique Recherche P5.

Fidelity extends from the make to the hair: always long with gentle waves that she makes her own hair dryer and a medium brush. And to achieve a more stripped down, she just tweaking the lights of two to three times a year and cut even less because when she was little her mother forced her to have short hair and she hated, so that nowadays she spends away from the scissors!

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