Belts: How to Choose the Right Model

They not only serve to tighten the clothes, but are important parts to complete the look feminine. Made in many colors, shapes, materials and sizes, seat belts change any outfit, giving more elegance and creativity to them. However, every body type looks best with a particular model of belt. So, learn How to choose the right model.

Belts: How to Choose the Right Model

The belts help thin women who have short torso and long legs to balance the silhouette. To do so, they must be stuck on your hips or above the waist. If you prefer, you can buy belts with embellishments like ribbons or that are made of materials like metal or plastic. So, your look will be more beautiful and flashy.

On the other hand, if you have a long torso and short legs, the way is to opt for wide belts that mark the waist, because they will cause the impression that your legs are longer.

Women are incredibly low, to make your silhouette in tune, they should look for the belts . Besides, they are more proportional to your size. However, the high for the same reason, combine more with wide belts, since they help to decrease your time.

“Guitar”, i.e. with the curvy body must choose a belt medium model because it makes your stay in silhouette and thins your hips. Therefore, the thin and thick belts don’t look good on women with this body type.

Large busts ask belts , because they lengthen the body and do not call so much attention to this part of the body. So, stay away from wide belts. But if you are outside weight, prefer wide belts worn just below the breasts, because this is thinner than your body. However, use them with loose clothing such as robes or evasés to soltinhas fall.

The belts are accessories that never go out of fashion because they are very useful, both to change the “face” of the clothing as to disguise the small defects of the female body. Therefore, always have a collection of belts in your wardrobe to stay barely dressed.