Bench Drill Machine for Home Use

Suitable for professional use, the machine has two models for different activities

Over time, the market began to offer variety of tools and the equipment was improved. A great example of this type of device are the bench drills. Recommended for professional use in joinery and carpentry workshops, this tool is more robust compared to the domestic model, which tends to be lighter and more compact.

As its name suggests, this product has a bench in its structure so that more resistant materials such as thicker wood and metal are perforated. Some models feature clips on the bench, which is also called platform to help fix the pieces and ensure even more accurate work.

Another version of the tool, the drill and bench milling machine, is indicated to perform milling. This equipment has sharp edges that rotate to remove excess metal of a product.

The online shop offers two models: both the bench drill and the milling machine. Here options with different brands, speeds, powers and voltages 110 V, 220 V and multi – voltage. Choose the equipment that best suits your needs and enjoy to take the house right now. After all,the prices here are the lowest in the market.

Security is priority

For the safe handling of bench drill, we recommend the use of PPE (safety equipment) . Do not forget the glove to protect your hand, the glasses and earplugs .Also remember to check the tool’s manual before handle it.