Benefits of Sleeping on Buckwheat Pillow

The padding of some pillows consists of husks of organic buckwheat. What is it and what are its benefits for the sleepers?

Now check the following points.

What organic buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat hulls are harvested in the shelling of the buckwheat seeds from the plant of the same name:

  • So this hull seeds.
  • Before being used for filling pillows and cushions, the hulls are cleaned and sieved.
  • These two steps ensure a safe packing, free of dust and fragments detrimental to comfort.

Note: provide between 20 and 40 € for a pillow with buckwheat hulls.

Benefits of a buckwheat hull pillow

Buckwheat hulls are traditionally use for bedding in oriental countries, especially, Asian. Padding pillow, they have various advantages:

  • The hulls are renewable, recyclable and can be used as compost.
  • A little heavier than a traditional pillow, buckwheat hulls in the pillow is firm and naturally the shape of the neck, while supporting the neck.
  • Its density reduces cervical stiffness and muscle tension:
    • The buckwheat hulls pillow stores heat and gradually restores.
    • By approaching a heat source and applying it against a painful part of your body, it will offer a saving muscle relaxation.
  • Buckwheat hulls are hypoallergenic, dust mite and antibacterial. Two reasons:
    • First buckwheat hull contains a natural tannin that has a repellent effect on mites and bacteria;
    • secondly, the shape of the shells ensures an aerated pillow which reduces the possibility of spread of mites.

Note: small downside, however, maintenance of this pillow is complex. We must first remove the husk, wash the cushion cover and place the light shells to air them. In any case, do not wash them at risk of damaging them.

Tips for choosing this pillow

The buckwheat hulls in the pillow density is a personal matter that depends on your sleeping position:

  • Depending on whether you prefer a more or less firm cushion, you will adapt the density.
  • Regarding the thickness, it is recommended for children 5 cm and 8 cm for adults.
  • Finally, cushions slightly curved in length are more comfortable.

Good to know: Be sure to have some side buckwheat hulls. Indeed, after a few months, the hulls will settle. You will then may need to adjust the trim adding hulls.

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