Best Budget Jeans Brands

Jeans are a wardrobe classic for many. Right now there are lots of popular pants on sale, so you can save money on your favorite model. Or maybe it’s time to try a new fit …

With buttons, up to size 54, 349.98 DKK, Bon’a Parte (reduced from 699 DKK)

Box pants up to size 53, approximately 186 DKK, ASOS Curve (set down from 372 USD)

Coated, up to size 56, 249.97 USD + shipping, Zizzi (reduced from 499.95)

Skinny, up to size 54, two pairs of 550 DKK (a few 299.95 DKK), Juna rose

Holes, up to size 56, ca. 240 DKK, ASOS Curve (reduced from 404 DKK)

Bootcut, up to size 60, ca. 150 USD + shipping, Evans (reduced from approximately 180 kr.)

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN SIZES? Check out our sizing guide

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