Best Clothesline: Opinions and Prices

The drying rack is undoubtedly one of the objects of which we cannot do without. And finally there were created many models in order to meet the needs of all of those who live in small apartments without grounds.

How does the Drying Rack

The drying rack is the tool used to spread out the laundry for its drying. Turns out to be, then, surely, an indispensable tool in everyone’s home. The drying rack can be constructed from various materials. The right materials are undoubtedly the aluminum and plastics as materials that do not undergo any kind of damage if they are in contact with water. The drying rack can also be constructed with other metallic materials, but these are usually treated with special powders which slow oxidation. The same applies to some models of clothes horse who own wooden parts, especially the legs. Even when treated with these special powders, however, will sooner or later anyway to meet the problem of oxidation.

The most known and sold, whereas in every house there is at least one, is the classic garden clothesline. Has a large central plan where you can lay your underwear more voluminous consisting of parallel wires, or plastic, and two smaller ones at the sides for small linens made in the same way. Has a base that, in most cases, is shaped like an x. This means that the legs of the rack are crossed between them allowing the greatest possible stability which, in the case of this drying rack that is used primarily outdoors, it’s necessary to prevent it from falling due to weather conditions.

Both legs that the sides can be closed completely so that the drying rack can be placed in a small space at times when it is not being used. In some cases it can also be equipped with wheels to be able to move more easily. The drying rack, Garden, however, is not always the right one for our needs. That’s why over the years were born many different models of drying rack, drying rack, drying rack wall, radiator or balcony, shower or bathtub ones, those in the column.

The Models of Clothes Horse

There are some models of clothes rack suitable for being attached to a radiator at home. They are, in fact, provided with removable hooks and adaptable, both in length and width, so that it can be used on any type of heater. Very similar to them regarding form and function are the drying rack, balcony. Are drying racks from the outside, but instead have a base their own shall be tied to the railing of the balcony of the House through the hooks. In this case, however, usually have fixed sizes, not adaptable.

There are also clothes rack suitable for use in the shower or bathtub. Those are suitable for the shower are the round clothesline that consist of a plastic circle with a variable number of clothespins. Despite being born to shower their utility is that you can be attacked everywhere, thanks to the hook located at the upper end. The drying rack for bathtub, instead, are born to be spread from one side of the tank so that the water that drips from laundry drop directly into it. Are fully collapsible to allow you to store them in a small space and to fit various models of bathtub.

There are also many models of drying rack wall because suitable to be attached directly to the wall at home. Some of them must be bolted directly to the wall while others come with suction cups to be attached to the walls with tiles. Some auctions have the characteristic of being extensible. This way you can completely close your clothesline when you need it without disconnecting it from the wall and you can dispose of the surface that is required at all times.

The generation column or clothesline with several different plans to spread out your cloths. Some of the latest models of drying racks other than having the Central column have more arms connected with it in order to roll out even more things at once. Among them there are some suitable for preparation of sheets thanks to some larger arms made specifically for this purpose. There are also electric clothes drier for faster drying.

How to Choose a Drying Rack

There are really many different models of clothes horse. Let’s figure out how to choose the one that best suits your needs. Innanzitto the first thing you should ask is where you want to place the drying rack. If, indeed, it must be placed in a garden or outdoor it is obvious that the better buy is the classic garden clothesline. It can be placed everywhere. If you need it for the balcony of the House no problem, even there you can put the clothes Horse Classic, but if you think it will take too much space you can opt for the balcony with the support for the railing.

If you need a drying rack inside the conversation changes tremendously. If you want an indoor clothesline because you don’t have a garden but don’t know how to do to roll out entire washing machines especially during the winter months you should opt for a drying rack, larger ones capable of holding three washing machines. If you just need something for small laundry during rainy days every other type of drying rack is fine. But remember that the drying rack shower can only contain underwear, socks and handkerchiefs. Other drying rack inside like those from tank or heater can also contain shirts and sweaters but always consider which cannot limit how much those classics.

As for the drying rack wall, remember that they are not very suitable for those who don’t like the odd jobs at home. They must be fixed to the wall with screws and wall plugs usually present in the package of the Clothesline, but attention read carefully on the box because this is General and is not a fixed rule. Mount them is not complicated, but you have to be careful to secure it in parallel to the floor. For those who do not like this type of operation is better to opt for those with suction cup even though they do not bear a heavy weight. The suction cups, in fact, though very durable, never will be as the screws attached to the wall. In any case the models that have concealed wires are very useful for those who have little space and hence absolutely advisable.


There are a number of accessories that you can buy at the same store where you bought the clothes horse. First of all the clips without which you cannot hang your laundry. The clips can be built with different materials. The clips used until a few years ago were wooden ships, but have now been almost completely replaced by plastic ones. The wooden clothespins, in fact, tend to be damaged in contact with wet underwear. Plastic clips are not subjected to this type of wear. Among the plastic clips around the best are undoubtedly those which do not have metal parts. Some, in fact, still own the metal spring, but the problem is that it comes into contact with water can corrode and even to stain your clothes. The best, then, are completely made of plastic. Now they come in all colors and all forms on the market, there is an embarrassment of choice.

In order to secure your pegs when there are clothes on the Clothesline and to have them ready to hand in my hour of need you can buy a brush 10 sheets. The brush 10 sheets are small containers for clothespins that have a hook with which you can attach them directly to the drying room. There are brush 10 sheets of different shapes, sizes and materials.

If you have a garden you can also buy a clothesline copristendino useful to fix the linen out of direct sunlight. The Sun on the one hand is definitely our strongest ally for drying of linen, but on the other hand we have to be careful because it can lead to discoloration and yellowing of some of our leaders. The copristendino is built usually in Black polypropylene. Black attracts the Sun’s rays in order to speed up the drying of clothes through heat absorbed. Polypropylene is a material capable of protecting your laundry is direct sunlight that airborne pollution particles. It is also a very useful waterproof material and then to repair the linen from the rain.

Drying Rack Prices

You can buy the clothes horse in many different shops. First in supermarkets, not only in large supermarkets but also into smaller ones. Then of course in all shops selling household goods and smaller in both large shops. There are even designer clothes drier. In this case it is advisable to check with the stores that sell directly those brands and for a list of the stores of your city that sell them you should consult the manufacturer’s website. As with any type of objects by now even the internet is a good place to buy items of this type. However, any shop you go, you will see that you will be spoilt for choice.

As for the prices of the clothes horse it must be said that this type of objects is quite cheap. Of course as with everything it depends on the brand you choose, but if the brand does not interest you, you can buy a good garden with up to 20 euro classic clothesline. The garden clothesline in fact revolve around this price, euro euro less. As for all models of indoor clothesline for small items i.e. those from shower, bathtub, from radiator, balcony and wall, these have even a lower price. Their price fluctuates between the 5 and 20 euros. Special case are the clothes horse. It is finally possible to find even at a moderate price ranging from 20 to 40 euros, but there are still many models in circulation up to 200 euros. This is because the spread on trade in this type of stendibaincheria is relatively new. As regards the accessories, the clips are sold in packs of about 10 pieces and each pack has a price that revolves around 5 euros, the brush 10 sheets have a price of about 7 euros and 10 euros instead of around copristendino, then prices quite low.