Best Skirt for Body Shape

Skirt is a nice piece of clothing, because it has a multitude of uses and is easy to style for both weekdays and parties. Did you first found the perfect skirt for you, do you have in your closet a piece of clothing, which can save you on those days when you don’t know what clothes you need to take on – and it applies to both everyday and festive.

It is also the garment, which can help you to create balance and harmony in your general expression, because the skirt is good at both to camouflage and highlight according to your body shape.

But now remember as always: in the end it’s all about you regardless of body shape should go in the type of skirt that gets exactly you feel good about yourself.

Then view this clothing guide as an inspiration, which can help you to take a conscious choice regardless of what you end up choosing.

Skirt that has wider at the bottom than the waist. It makes nedernederdelen look like an A – that of the hub.

This skirt is good at creating balance between the upper and lower body. Because of the scope it can both camouflage round hips or give fullness at the lower body in cases of narrow hips. Because the skirt is the smallet for above, you will get your waist marked further with this cut.

Body types:
The skirt gives illution from hips to the pillar and the ice cream cone.
The skirt camouflages round hips with pear and Apple.

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Shop A-shape

cubes, up to size 50, 650 USD + shipping, Booth

Print, up to size 56, ca, 337 DKK, ASOS

Flecked, up to size 50, ca. 280 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Pencil skirt
Skirt that sits at the hips. A pencil skirt would typically be slightly narrower at the bottom than at the waist.

To skirt sits on the hips is not necessarily the same as that it sticks to the body and reveals every little bump. But you should be aware that this is the skirt that highlights more than it conceals. Therefore, you may want to consider choosing a pincil skirt in a dark color, that do not attract so very attention as a light color or a distinctive print.

body type
The skirt down so focus on the waist and are therefore very good for the hourglass, which is characterized by having a defined tajle.

it is not your body type, however, you must not give up the pencil skirtet. This is for the skirt, which basically is good for anyone who would like to highlight rather than conceal. Pencil skirtet, with its narrow profile always a good contrast to the uppers with a loose fit.

pay attention
The smaller the gauge at the bottom, the more the focus comes on your hips.

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Shop pencil skirt

Blonde, up to size 50/52, 899 USD + shipping, carmakoma

Black, up to size 28, ca. 290 USD, ASOS

Leo, up to size 4XL, 80 USD + shipping, H & M

straight up and down skirt that has more width in the fit than a pencil skirt. The skirt has the same width at the bottom and around the waist.

This skirt can also camouflage the hips, but because it goes right up down, it contributes not to the same degree to create harmony between above and below the body, like a skirt in A-shape does. This cut is good for you who would like to go in skirt without necessarily attracting too much attention to your lower body. If you choose this type of skirt in a dark shade and add a few dense dark tights, you have a good neutral base, there may be a good response to a more eye-catching uppers.

Are you to this type of skirt, you may want to consider a model with a high fixed waistband as the black skirt below. Waistband helps to mark your waist, so you also get highlighted on the narrowest location on your upper body.

body type:
The skirt can camouflage round hips with the PEAR and Apple.
Avoid this skirt if you are pillar, as it will only stress that your body goes straight up and down.

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Shop just up and down

Checkered, up to size 50, ca. 650 USD + shipping, Booth

Lædder, up to size 54, 1.99, 95 kr., Juna rose

with panels up to size 52, 499 DKK, Violeta

A real Mango city waistband helps to mark your waist. The wider the more significant will be your waist. The fixed pulley is also perfect if you would like to use the belt to your skirt

Zippers attracts attention. If the stomach is your sore spot, you can consider a skirt, where the zipper either sitting at the side or rear

Skirts, which are made of panels, makes you look taller because the seams will get people’s gaze to go up and down

a slit provides not just better movement. A slit in the side or in front of your legs to look longer out


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