Best Smartwatch for Running

Whether you’re looking for some simple watches for running, or the best device smartwatch GPS running, you are reading the right article.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge and our list is enriched with new dedicated mainly to running GPS smartwatch. This sportwatch 2016 some drop out of our list as the first TomTom Runner, Runner Cardio and Runtastic Orbit. We know that in many love TomTom devices and for this we are happy to announce the entrance of TomTom’s Spark, along with brand new Garmin Forerunner 635 fashion, the Garmin 235 and Polar V800.

What is the best running watch with GPS is a personal choice and a lot depends on how much information on our training we want to record or monitor. In addition to the traditional functions of monitoring steps, calories and distance, the last race watches with GPS integrated also offer information about the heartbeat, and even tips on running style. In short, the smartwatch at Tucsonsmartwatches dedicated to running, are becoming an almost compulsory purchase for all professional runner.

They come in all prices and features – the important thing is to understand what are the features you seek: GPS with maps, integrated heart rate monitor, or a simple tachometer with vibration. Of course there is the smartwatch racing perfect but we have selected the most running watch with GPS which we were impressed. Read our guide to discover all models.


The best Smartwatch

TomTom Spark or Runner 2

The Runner 2 or Spark enters our ranked first for the balanced package of features it offers to all runners. The design is simple, Spartan as required for training but always nice to look at. The customizations in color and in individual straps is not missing and comfort is more than good rubber construction.

Moving on to features, the TomTom Spark is winning in fill a gap by racing watch market with GPS. Many runners and athletes have had trouble finding a device that responds to simple features: “I want to run so I’d have a GPS, I would also like to monitor my heart rate and why not listen to music while I play sport.” Oddly enough the Runner 2 is one of the few smartwatch which allow all of these capabilities in a single wearable.

The Spark is a easy to use sportwatch, certainly all the potentialities of the Garmin FR 635, but if the weather is not so much for sports, it is pointless to buy a high end device and then use it in half for lack of time to understand all the mechanisms. At this point better than the TomTom Runner 2.

The best cardio for the wrist

Garmin Runner 235

After FR 225, Garmin 235 GPS running watch is the second to integrate a heart rate monitor directly inside the watch. If the first 225 was a success by avoiding many runners use the chest belt, the older brother can only do better.

Works all day and the heartbeat is monitored 24/7 in real time. Supports smart notifications and is compatible with iOS, Android and even Windows 10. The Forerunner 235 has four indoor sports: running, running mode (GPS off), bike or cycling and the last mode is all-in-one that is the watch will try to acquire as much information and statistics as possible whatever the sport we’re practicing, the smartwatch will try to do his best. Compared to the 225 FR which uses a sensor My’s Tech to record heart rate, the new FR 235 Garmin proprietary technology.

The Garmin FR 235 offers many training metrics: pitch, Cadence, distance, time and calories. Also includes average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and a metric defined training effect that aims to understand how the training was efficient. To all this the clock adds advice on recovery and analysis of VO2. But the metrics do not end there.

This is a race suited to all athletes really will leave you speechless beginners and for those who already feels like a pro in the Garmin 235 a training partner at the forefront.

The best race analysis

Garmin Forerunner 630

The Garmin Forerunner 630 is the latest flagship of Garmin. The watch is positioned at the high end luxury watches with GPS and it is the best if you are looking for a professional device that finally allows you to manage every aspect of training, both practical and statistical.

The FR 630 in addition to all the features of previous Garmin adds notifications on the smartwatch as new metrics to measure sports. With the Garmin 63rd you can view data about Vertical Oscillation (as jumps while running) as well as the step size and “Vertical Ratio” that is vertical oscillation for step size in order to determine the quality of our physical form, generally the lower the “Vertical Ratio”, the better will be our fitness.

The settings to manage the recovery and the times have been improved and also you can also carry out a lactate test that will help to understand the amount of lactic acid present in your legs. This test along with the metric for measuring the physical form will help establish a line of overtraining or overtraining, which if exceeded.

Recommended for runners and athletes who want an all-in-one solution for all your travel needs, in this price range none takes the FR630.

Best Smartwatch for money

Polar M400

The M400 is a smartwatch racing that tracks distance, pace, speed, elevation and many other metrics with an integrated GPS unit in the watch. The Polar M400 is also very aesthetically pleasing with its smooth and soft strap line. The true value of this clock GPS is in its extra features. The clock can be purchased directly from Amazon with the heart rate sensor to maximize the potential of this smartwatch.

In addition to the classic features of a fitness band, the Polar M400 has introduced a series of innovative tools to stimulate at most sporting activities. The watch has an interval timer that can be set to work with repeated and series based on time or distance – in addition also allows us to visualize the estimated time of arrival at the finish line, based on the information as the Cadence, pace and speed.
Join the freedom with the Polar M400 and its function anti-lost, if ever you happen to miss during a race, the watch will guide you to the starting point along the shortest route.

Through the function of Smart Notifications you can view the display calls, messages and notifications received on your smartphone – the watch is compatible with iPhone 4S and higher and with Android devices running Android 4.3 or later.

The best if you don’t take only: Multisport

Polar V800

The smartwatch with GPS (and altimeter baromico!) perfect for swimming, biking and runners but also for skiers, MBK, spartan race and extreme sports as can be seen in the video at the top with the Polar V800 connected to a GoPro Hero.

The V800 stores all the training done on foot, by bike or in the water under a curtain of snow. Monitors the pitch, Cadence, distance, calories burned, heart rate and heart rate zone measurement when attached to the Polar H7 heart range provided.

Thanks to the chest strap you can view in real time the cardiac areas within which we are training to understand how our effort is functional to the result to be achieved. The Polar V800 also has the ability to work with a speed sensor for racing and in this way we will also have available to display additional metrics like distance between one step and the other to improve our running style.

Icing on the cake, the capabilities of the Polar V800 shall not be exhausted during training but also continues to provide us with very useful information smartwatch after training: through the test on the State of recovery and orthostatic test, the watch will also tell us if and when we are fully ready for a new workout. The Polar V800 ranks among racing with high-end GPS watches along with the Garmin Forerunner 630 but the price is similar.

The best for beginners and entry level PRO

Garmin Forerunner 225

The FR 225 is the first racing clock of Garmin which integrates a heart rate monitor sensor for ticks, this means that the runner can finally enjoy the best BPM tracking system without having to use the awkward cardio thoracic fasca.

The large display with bright colors and the warnings (or alert) with vibration makes the heart rate zone training much easier. No shortage of pedometer and sleep monitors that provide functionality that is really amazing. The runner concerned mainly the heart rate monitoring and tracking of all daily activities cannot go wrong with the Forerunner 225. This is the watch that we recommend personally, certainly isn’t perfect but it is the smartwatch closer to meet all the needs of a runner at 360°.

The best if you don’t want to have to do with technology

Garmin Forerunner 15

If you don’t want to have to deal with too much technology, if the words Vo2 Max and vertical oscillation scare you, then the Garmin FR 15 suits you. The watch also keeps the evergreen monochrome display for clear vision and no frills. The basic metrics that we need are all there and the GPS is a guarantee. It’s up to you to choose whether to take it with or without chest strap. The price discount is always on your side.

The smartwatch racing Garmin Forerunner 15 is another very complete and competitive sports watch in value for money. The watch is designed for monitoring of physical activity and even daily activity throughout the day.

The integrated GPS is integrated perfectly with the accelerometer inside allowing you to count your steps, distance, calories – but also speed and distance. The Forerunner 15 is also suitable for swimmers as well as runner – indeed the watch is water resistant up to 50 m in the pool.

In Forerunner 15 is available instrumentation automatic lap that alerts you automatically after each kilometre travelled, with an acoustic signal – great for workouts in series or repeated. The battery lasts up to eight hours in GPS mode, while about fifteen days in detect mode fitness task – definitely the battery is one of the highlights of the Forurenner 15.

With the Garmin Connect and integrated web tools you can synchronize our smartwatch in order to consult our workouts and our statistics on mobile application but also directly on the PC.

Best for completeness: Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge can do anything, even the coffee. Seriously, this smartwatch (also from race) of the Fitbit is really complete and comes to meet every need training or sports, as well as in everyday life. Has GPS capability, it records distance, speed, lap times and altitude – we can also review your routes. The battery is long lasting, higher than the average of other racing watches up to 7 days and about 10 hours with the GPS is always on.

The heart rate monitor for heart rate monitoring plays a continuous optical led technology – the sensor is owner and PurePulse technology in the same Fitbit.

Notifications and music are integrated we can easily manage from first touchscreen display of Fitibit. Is not missing either the night mode – the Surge monitors sleep and also has an alarm mode.


We have listed the best smartwatch with GPS running, the list the models that they impressed the most.

If you’ve tried other watches racing or if you wish to insert of a new smartwatch with GPS let us know what you think in the comment.