Bikini Body Guide Shopping List

For many years ago I bought a swimsuit. It was of the type that are specially designed for the thick body. In other words, the bottom has a small skirt, which like to camouflage the thick thighs. Every time I’ve taken it on in front of the mirror, I looked at myself, sighed deeply, bathing suit and charged be taken to go on the beach. The swimsuit has just not done this for me only of a sole reason: The little brittle has made me feel even more thick, though the idea with the skirt has been the opposite.

I might otherwise like to look myself in the mirror. In my high-waisted briefs and a well-fitting led BRA, I feel me on a good day both delicious and sexy. It is therefore beyond me that a few months ago it first dawned on me that my way back to the beach, of course, is to put on me a yummy bikini that gives me the same feeling as when I look myself in the mirror wearing underwear.

why I was not in any doubt about what I was going to go after, when I began to look for swimsuits. I should have a bikini out by the following criteria:
A well-fitting uppers and a subdivision with high waist, which can hold together on both the digestive and stomach a two.

Here is what I ended up buying:

Upper, up to size 95 g, 749.95 USD + shipping, Prima Donna Swim in the series Riviera with Id Lingerie in Bra I am normally a size 85E but ended up in bikini uppers with to go a size up to 90F.

The matching bottom from Prima Donna Swim to me was too low at the waist, so it did nothing more than highlight the stomach a on a very unfortunate way. That is why I ended up with that match my uppers from Prima Donna Swim with a subdivision from Panache.

Bottom, up to size 48, ca. 240 USD + shipping, Panache with

I am a size 48/50 and bought a size 20. My guess is, however, that they are so elastic that they can also be used by size 50/52.


As a flattering bodice was crucial for me, I was in no doubt that i initially was going to try to find such in a physical store. I am so lucky to live in Copenhagen, where I can visit Rigby and Peller, who among other things has Prima Donna Swim. Other bids at physical stores can be Change or Hunkemøller – do you have a good tip to physical stores with plus-swimwear, I hope you will write it in the comment box below the article.

Buys you two piece swimwear, based on this, you can choose colors for the top and bottom depending on what you wish to highlight by your body.

On the basis of this is the black bathing suits it perfectly safe choice, if you don’t want to attract too much attention at the beach. I am pleased, however, that in the last year has come a much wider selection in both colors and patterns on the plus-swimwear, so black today is an elective, and no longer only option.

If you have fallen in love with you in a swimsuit, there is a lack of breast support, then buy a cheap BRA, which can come in both chlorine and salt water, and wear it underneath.

The big list: Here you can buy swimwear with a plus

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