Bikini Design: See Exercises and Detox to Stay in Shape

Summer has already taken its toll and the bikini design can not stop.After all, if your goal is to maintain a slim and well-defined body, the challenge continues.But health care does not necessarily have to be a sacrifice.

By investing in well-crafted exercises and a detox diet, positive results will come naturally. If you’re on the beach or traveling, remember that you do not have to go to the gym to move your body.There are several exercises that can be done anywhere.

“A high-intensity workout works on all muscle groups, keeps heart rate high and improves aerobic capacity,” explains Smart Fit teacher Juliana Mouffron Bittencurt.

Exercises for the bikini design

To give that turbinate in your bikini project, check out below some exercises indicated by Juliana.The tip is to perform the combination in 15 minutes, considering six sets of 30 seconds for each exercise:

  • Last

Standing with your feet toward your hip and your hands behind your head, take a large step forward, flexing your knees to a 90 degree angle.

  • Arm flexion

With your hands resting on the ground and your body extended, bring the torso to the ground until the elbows form 90-degree angles. Go down and up again.

  • Burpee

Crouched and with your hands on the ground, throw your legs back until stretching, and return to the starting position. End the movement with one bound , keeping your arms raised up.

  • Free Squatting

On foot, do the squatting motion, but do not exceed the 90 degree angle of the knees.

  • Front plate alternating support

Hold your body on your elbows and your toes.Keeping your body aligned, shift your elbow support for hand support, alternately.

Detox diet for summer

For the maintenance of the tanquinho, betting on the detox diet can be a smart solution. According to, Nutritionist Bruna Murta of Rede Mundo Verde explains that organic foods should be given priority in this menu .This is the case of brown rice, quinoa, brazil nuts, cauliflower, broccoli, ginger, pumpkin seed and chickpeas.

Regarding drinks, the specialist indicates the consumption of whole grape juice, cranberry juice and detoxifying green juice, made with cabbage. “The food of the detox diet aims to promote the elimination of toxins, in order to reduce their negative impacts on the body,” explains the nutritionist.

In this process, of course, some elements should be avoided. Mainly industrialized foods.”Avoid refined foods with dyes and preservatives, gluten and lactose.Eggs, sugars, sweeteners, red meats, chicken and alcoholic beverages as well, “says Bruna.

By transforming your diet and reviewing some habits, you will certainly notice significant body changes and better physical exercise results.In addition, detox may aid in weight loss, as many toxins from the environment and poor diet make it difficult to lose weight.

So, with such caring in food, your bikini design will naturally be turbid.

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