Bikinis And Swimsuits I Like

To say goodbye to summer, an entry with examples of bikinis and swimsuits that I found out there that I liked a lot. All are for large cups, of course. I hope you serve as inspiration to find the perfect outfits for next year, and to dispel the myth that the things of our size has to be ugly, boring or “grandmother”.

We started with Freya, who have so many beautiful it is super hard to choose.

The first thing I show you is the most eager to get had this summer, but it was too expensive for my budget. Maybe next year we can get a better price. Boogie is also available as a tankini:

Bandless Halter + Tie Side Brief / Halter + Shorts

The Freya Revolution is a very simple but very nice with little detail frills model and buttons. It is available in purple and black, with tops or hoops classic bandeau (which come with a small detachable cord to tie around his neck). The bottoms are short type, classic panties and narrow strip as seen in the photo. There is also a strapless sports bra on Softwareleverage.


Padded Bikini + Tab Side Brief / Bandeau Top + Short

Freya Calypso, for which you like the most cheerful colors. The top can be halter, classic or tankini. For the bottom, besides classical, we can choose to attach to the sides (which is also reversible, printed on one side and black with seams stamped on the other) and a slightly higher version of the classic braguita they call Fold down brief (since it is black and the top is folded over itself to show the panty stamping).


Braga classic tankini + / + Tie Halter Side reversible

I’m not much of swimsuits, but this do not know why I feel super nice. there is also in bikini with several options up and down, like all Freya. This model is called Phoenix.


The following is the signature Puerto Rico Fantasie. This I had it in my hands on the halter version, but I was too small and did not get larger size. I’m addicted to leopard, and this combined with pink seems really cute. There is also in bathing suits and strapless tankini.


Halter + Fold Down / Bikini and classic braguita

I also really like these two models of Pour Moi. The first is Hawaii, which is super colorful and cheerful with that there is with these two combinations bra and panties, plus a tankini:


Padded Top + Short / Underwired Bikini + Tie Side

This is called Maldives and I like a lot. As above, there is the top “padded” and “non-padded” (ie, with preform without -espumita- peforma) and two types of panties. The tankini in this case is strapless with a thin strap removable.


Padded Top + Tie Side / Tankini Pant + Reuched

In Asos it has a few own – brand models that are very cute (to the cup F). Especially (for my taste) the pin up inspiration / 50’s. This leopard also had in my hands, but I had nothing like how it fits to the model


And finally, a few models available exclusively on Bravissimo , although most are in liquidation, which means that you can find at a great price but there are very few sizes:

The Cannes model, with colored stones that give a very special touch.


In black and white with two types of braguita each

Wish You Were Here the brand models Letters From Evie seem to me a real beauty, though I warn you are not having very good reviews because apparently does not feel good.


After so many models available, I have to confess I’m crazy because out models of the new collection of  Curvy Kate  because I am in love with this, that on the web called Flirt Black / Floral Print, though certainly not give me the budget to buy


Halter & Tie Side / Padded + Skirted Brief

And here my particular sample bikinis I hope you liked it or that you can catch any ideas. As you can see, there are lots to choose from . No need to go with things bikinis grandmother or basic solid colors (although to me like!).