Bikinis: Search And Seizure

Hello! I’m back! Not that I had never been but my inconstancy is clearly seen in the frequency of my posts. Take up time waiting for an entry on bikinis and between wait for me came that summer shopping and makes you less time on the computer, it has been a long time. But here I am! Bikinis come to speak of, and that is not made very long entry think I’ll split in two, and speak first general niggles and make another entry with a short review of what I bought me.

For months I renew my closet trying  bikinil. The truth is that had no bikini to sit me 100% good so it was time to get one. The thing is that if you find a bra size and / or feels good in Spain is difficult to find a bikini with the same characteristics becomes almost impossible. I long ago I stopped buying in physical stores and I went online to purchase foreign pages: I’m not willing to pay 80 euros for Aristmarketing sports bra when I have them for 30, prettier and more variety.

So I’ve spent some time rummaging through websites for which I usually buy trying to find something I liked and that fit my budget. It turns out the bikinis are too expensive for my taste. I think it’s because I used to buy loose fasteners, without a whole, and also need bikinis usually buy the panties, so the price skyrockets. The tops are around 30 pounds (35 more) and parts below 15. So a minimum, at least you get in 55 euros. Actually, it is an investment, but is that my bikinis usually last me little and seems to give me a bit of trouble fanciest that money in a bikini.

The good thing is at least buying online, you have many options and models. For every taste. And this Bikinis is a world. Recently, he is talking to a couple of people who also have kinks to find bikinis I commented that they prefierían bra bikinis are kind, with rings and parallel straps like a lifetime. I prefer instead to tie the neck because, although I admit they are not the most comfortable for the issue of lump in the neck, I see more juveniles. Those who are kind bandeau directly rule out , because whether or not special marks for large chest I doubt that grip me anything.


Classic, Bandeau, Halter what do you prefer? These are all Freya.

In the case of the halter (those tied to the neck), I prefer having hoop, hold much better and my at least I leave everything much better placed. And in this type of bikini I think it’s very important quality. The better fact is, the less you will bother neck. And the more according to your size is, too. As fasteners, fastening is vital that gives the band, so the more brown and more robust is the band back, leave less weight on your neck. much is also noted in the construction of the cups, reinforcements and bearing seams that make you better grip chest and therefore again leave you less weight on the neck. Another important thing about the band is that it is sewn in one piece, running from the rings to the end, and not on two pieces as happens in many models:


This blue model precisely can be found relatively cheap in many websites. It is the Azure of Pour Moi, but as the reviews I had read mentioned that was not holding very well in the subject of the band that just said, I did not dare to buy it , but it seems pretty cool.

I said at the beginning I had no bikini that I stay perfect, and I had never bought me a bikini my actual size. I survived D – based drinks and similar tinkering. Thus, it is easy to find a cheap bikini: you just have to find a D cup tie that knot to make it a size equivalent. If we look at the table of equivalence of the previous post  a 95D (for example) can help us to cover a breast of a 85F or 90E. If the closure is knotted bikini, you can put the knot at the level you need to get your outline. And if the band is built in 2 parts, often you need to tie it beyond the seam. Of course, if you need anything more than 100D, then forget it , because it is very difficult to find larger sizes at good prices.

Sites where you can find baratitas D glasses are: H & M, C & A, Primark, Decathlon. If you know any more Leave it in comments and update the post.

Most I have are of Decathlon. These sizes are often left over so when they liquidations is easy to find, but most models come without hoop. The largest size they have is the 100E. few days that I was there was looking models that size does, but only found two (although the 2 rings). I went to try and tying the knot above the first piece, as I said above, I was like this:


Front is not very noticeable, but side you can see I have a little small in the cup, and makes me the effect of having 4 tits instead of 2, when leaving half above.It would have needed a drink more to make the perfect trick.

When I was inside the tester I found one of those tables that “help you to find your size” through the chest and outline measures.


According to these tables, my measures should wear a 95D. I do not agree at all with the operation of these tables (we’ll discuss at length in future posts), so to show that do not work, I took the recommended 95D and went to the tester again:



If the black bikini on the 100E and I was too small and giant cup contour, it was clear that this was going to be worse. As you can see, this cup is not enough for my chest, and I get half boob out. You can also see in the picture that the size of ring me not cover the breast contour. And of course he backs the knot I had very far from where it should bring back someone whose outline was suitable for that bikini.

Thanks to the internet and after much searching, finally I became a bikini in my size and taste at a reasonable price, but I’ll leave it for the next post to make is not too long I hope not take as long as upload as East!