Black Jeans Looks of the Famous

What is the most democratic part of the wardrobe, female and male? Who thought my jeans, hit the nail on the head. The jeans are versatile, practical and has an infinite range of models and colours options. The piece can be used on various occasions and in any season of the year. Can be combined with social shirts of silk or cotton, basic t-shirts, fresh regatinhas and so many other possibilities.

In relation to the color choices, the most common is the Indigo jeans, that classic blue. A good alternative to blue is black. The jeans in black color is super traditional and can provide classic looks, hipsters and basic, depending on your style and mood.

The famous live walking around in jeans, each with your personal touch and ultimately inspire us lowly mortals, with their fun and stylish productions. We have selected three very charming celebrities injeans black: Drew Barrymore, Gisele Bündchen and Lindsay Lohan. Give a look in looks of celebs and bet on black jeans too!

Drew Barrymore is quite a chameleon. Time or another Charlie’s Angels actress appears in super dresses rotated and delicate sandals, at other times she prefers a more boyishlook, rocker, as is the case of the image. Here, the actress is using a cargo pants, that that has pockets on the pants leg. Like most sports pants, shirts are good options. In this case, Drew opted for a shirt, stylish and super trend according to legalarmist. The Plaid Shirt gives more emphasis to the rocker look of the actress, as well as the leather jacket. To complete the boots with moorings until the knee of Suede, however, highlighted by the jump, only to give that woman’s touch.

The top number one in the world, Gisele Bundchen can be wonderful with any clothing, even with jeans.Here, the model has opted for the skinny and tight t-shirt. If you prefer, you can put a regatinha as the suggestion shows. The leather jacket is democratic and protects any breeze, as well as the maxiscarf.Style boots boots are also super trend, even in the summer.

Lindsay Lohan’s actress-Los Angeles problem. Even causing so much confusion, the young attracts fashionistas looks all the time. In the image, Lindsay uses a skinny pants, very traditional. The t-shirt emblazoned give a delicate touch and fun to look, with the leather jacket in the tone of course is super modern. If you want, replace the jacket by a Cardigan slim, great choice for Brazil’s tropical climate.Feet, comfortable shoes and soft colours, to contrast with the black pants.