Black Makeup Step by Step

Makeup for the night

When a party, the concern with the makeup torments many women. On a daily basis, normally, we use makeup more discreet, basic, they don’t call a lot of attention, because in the workplace or in College doesn’t work use blockbusters. So, when we go to a party, the look can be more dramatic, with very bright, well marked, well representative. On these occasions, the color black is always present, make-up feature.

Makeup can be the highlight of your entire look, especially if you choose to use colors in the production. To make the makeup of ballad has no mystery. A look very simple and everyone can do without problems is started by the concave marking with a black shadow. After that, choose either a gold, silver, or colored, nude as turquoise, purple and green to paint the inner corner of the eye. If you prefer you can make a lined with pencil or liquid eyeliner. There are shadows in powder are quite bright, with lots of glitter. This kind of product goes very well in looks and party can be applicator about any shadow color, just pick a glitter colorless.

After all the painting of the eyes, ends passing black pencil on waterline and then apply the false eyelashes. Finally, pass a lot of mascara and you’re ready. Prepare the skin with base, concealer and powder compact to take the shine, then a blush without scoring a lot so as not to clash with the shadow.

The lipstick from has to match the rest of your makeup, if the shadow is color, choose a color or a colorless gloss, if the shadow is more discreet, in black and nude, can example, abuse of the colors, pink and coral are very high.