Black Walls for a Decor without Complexes

A Mini Apartment With Black Walls

Today I intend to break a lance for all those that you begin to be tired of the dictatorship of the “Total White”, I’m going to the opposite pole with this small apartment with black walls and industrial-style.

Yes, if… “white is ideal for small spaces because it multiplies the light and airy feel”. This phrase we have heard and read over and over again. Enough!!!

Can you imagine all the people who feel that a few pounds too many them to dress black because it is known that it is styled… absurd truth.? Isn’t just the color you have to keep in mind to look stylish, most importantly, the cut of the garments to promote to your figure. As in decoration takes place exactly the same.

Why This Space Of Black Walls Is Not Small?

The answer is simple, because it has been used monochrome. I may look darker if it were completely white, but if you like the color black and don’t want to renounce to it, you don’t have that do so if you have a good day natural and artificial night lighting according to growtheology.

The black walls lost sight corners which makes it look visually, create depth than the continuous space.

A Few Tips For Small Flats

When I have earlier commented that the important thing when it comes to dressing is to choose suitable to our figure cutting, in decoration we can also applied this principle. If you have a small space the most important thing is not the color…

It uses the same range of colors.

Make sure that the furniture you choose have a size suitable for your space, forget about large sofas, beds XL or tables for Italian families.

If it is possible to open spaces by pulling walls. It always works better the kitchen to share space with the living room, that have a mini-kitchen and a mini-lounge. Look at these small kitchen open to the living room.

Already you can see that the size of this floor has not been an obstacle to paint black walls and give you a used as large lofts in industrial style.

Now I suggest the contrary exercise: A small industrial-style all-white apartment. And then tell me if you are “Total White” or “Total Black”.