Bohemian Outfits: Style (Not Only) for World Day of Poetry

In the year 2000, the UNESCO Commission appointed 21 March as the official “World Day of Poetry”. Since then, he has been celebrated annually on this date, and the intention is to focus on language and language as a cultural asset.

Bohemian Outfits: Style (Not Only) for World Day of Poetry

Many poets and poets, especially around the turn of the century, were not only linguistic pioneers, but also have a style which is now again topical: the Boho Style.

Relaxed cuts, natural materials and many accessories such as hair bands and sunglasses make the Boho Style the perfect companion not only, but especially to the World Day of Poetry.

Bohemian Style: The Beginning Was The Conviction

The term Bohème finds its origins in the early 20th century and marked at this time a lifestyle.Bohemians, above all artists and literary figures, called themselves consciously to distinguish themselves from the bourgeoisie. A scene arose, one met, knew its circle and exchanged.

For a number of years, style models such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss have shaped a modern, stylish variant of this style. They were likened to shopping in the city, lunch with friends, or attending the Coachella festival, wearing fancy hot pants for rubber boots and crochet tops, or long-bodied clothes for sandals and hair bands.

Bohemian Outfits Style (Not Only) for World Day of Poetry 1

Their individual looks and creations are found in fashion magazines and fashion blogs and inspire model lovers all over the world. The Bohemian style is copied and reinterpreted a thousand times, and continues to be a popular fashion trend in 2015 as well.

Boho-Style: Naturally Beautiful

Over the course of time some characteristics developed that are typical of the Boho style. With a few stylistic elements, you are able to create your own individual outfit:

Top priority in the Bohemian style is that your outfits and looks are not designed and styled, and match the mundess Undone look. With the Boho-Style you can emphasize, above all, your natural beauty

This means that you discreetly underscore your merits and thus bring out your best page. A fresh and discreet make-up makes you radiate and at the same time does not look too styled.The Bohemian look convinces us precisely by its uncomplicated and relaxed note.

This style is also a little bit reminiscent of the hippie look of the Flower Plower era: you can wear your hair openly and in light waves or in a playful braid dress for your light and exciting make-up.

Bohemian Outfits Style (Not Only) for World Day of Poetry 2

With the Bohemian-Style you can definitely emphasize your romantic and girlish side. Boho style dresses are an absolute must-have for the look.

For a successful outfit, you can opt for a short dress with an exciting pattern print or for a long and flowing maxi dress.

Popular shoes for the Bohemian style are sandals, but also boots or cowboy boots are suitable

The Bohemian Fashion lives by their accessories. There are no limits to your imagination. You can mix materials and colors, combine them with individual eye-catchers, or combine a lot of small details: jewelery made from natural materials such as leather bracelets or chains with feather pendants is particularly suitable for the look

Other popular accessories within the Bohemian Fashion are delicate details such as crochet scarves and vests

Bohemian Outfits Style (Not Only) for World Day of Poetry 3

The Boho style is currently experiencing a high phase and can be wonderfully integrated into your everyday life. If it can not be a long dress and open hair, then you will also be in a colored jeans and a casual sled blouse or a blouse in the Carmen style to the romantic Boho girl.

Whether you go to university, spend an open air concert on a summer evening or a shopping day with your friends in the city. The fashionable bohemian fashion keeps great parts ready for every occasion and you can try out the Boho-Style-with your personal style and convince with playful and girlish outfits.